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Xbox Insiders Will Now Be Able To Filter By Criteria In The Microsoft Store

Nov 19, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Xbox One Dashboard continues to be updated with new features.From now on, all insiders registered in the Alpha Ring have the option to filter the displayed contents in the Microsoft Store according to certain criteria in order to be able to keep an overview here.

Xbox Insiders

In the meantime, a lot of content has accumulated in the Microsoft Store that is completely irrelevant to the majority of users. Many users thus easily lose track of when they want to search for specific software. From a tweet by Larry Hyrb it now emerges that the users logged in on the insider program can filter the contents shown, among others, by price, rating, and category.

In the attached image, the selection of content in action can be seen, so that in a search for racing only games are displayed that can actually be assigned to the racing category.However, when the feature will be available to all users who do not participate in the insider program, it is currently not possible to specify.However, it is likely that this will be the case before Christmas. Many insiders features only take a few weeks to thoroughly test before they are integrated into a final update.

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Just over three weeks ago, another feature was announced for the owners of an Xbox One. Participants in the insider program and now all users have been given the opportunity to give games from the Microsoft Store to other players. This requires the email address of the other person to whom Microsoft sends a coupon code. This can then redeem again in the store.


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