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Building the future

Solutions To Make Things Easier

Design Engineering

Get yourself introduced to the best innovative engineering with TheNextRex as they go beyond the industry standard with unmatched solutions. Combining cutting-edge technology and the practical experience obtained from the cradle to the grave with the exception of platinum projects, our customers are confident.

Drafting Services

For excellent drafting services that you can rely on, choose TheNextRex. Our record is unparalleled and combining innovation and accuracy is our style. From idea to completion, we consistently meet our customers’ needs by producing high quality results that allow them to have successful projects.

3D Modelling

Get your projects to the next level with highly professional 3D modeling services provided by TheNextRex company. Our cutting edge solutions will raise the bar within the industry, using cutting edge technology as a seamless tool to provide precision, creative input, and efficiency, to surpass your expectations and set new standards.

Structural Engineering

TheNextRex redefines how structural engineering is experienced through its breakthrough technology. We have changed opinions in the industry and put together the newest technology with our level of expertise. On each project we give the best from the beginning to the end and this always end with top class results.
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Civil Engineering

Our Services allows you to experience amazing breakthroughs in the field. We are redefining the norms, by gives each client the opportunity to get a sophisticated product with latest technologies and expertise implemented. Consisting entirely of this project, our reach-from concept to completion.

Electrical Instrumentation

Utilizing engineering skills in electrical instrumentation, our service explores new technologies for TheNextRex. The only standard we provide is to change standards with the most innovative solutions; we effortlessly integrate technology and our ace to implementation on each level, ensuring unparalleled excellence.


Q/A Q/C quality literally ensures product quality through careful testing and validation, an essential step in the product development process. Our rigorous standards help to maintain quality level that is beyond being comparable which protect our customers from risks, fear and customer satisfaction.

Design Validation

Design Validation through the close inspection, ensuring honesty on the matter. We are committed to the process of ensuring accuracy, dependability, and technical advancements. By painting picture of the reality, every tiny thing examined, every concept strengthened perfectly.
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Stress Calculation 

Slip into an engineering lavish style with TheNextRex’s precision. We shine ourselves leading in transcending norms, making us unique by providing perfect combination of expert top notch tech. We make life easier by handling everything from development to deployment stage.
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Fire Saftey Services

Ensure your safety with our encapsulating services against fire. From risk identification to installation of systems, we provide a comprehensive custom designed solution professionally delivering safe life and property outcomes in a cost-efficient manner.

Project Management

Maintain projects smooth operations with the support provided by TheNextRex. We offer time-taming solutions, resource-optimization tools, and error-free turnouts, getting things done when they should without a glitch – from both initiation & completion points.
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Estimation Services

Try our estimation service which by that I mean, estimating the results and projections scientifically speaking. Applying modern approaches, we offer multi-angle investigation addressing each specific case making your decisions based on data.
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