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World wide Developers conference 2017 by Apple

Mar 15, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple has released the dates of its annual World wide Developers conference 2017. It will be held in June as usual, starting from Monday 5th Jun and ending at Friday, June 9th 2017. This year the venue has been changed. It will be held in the beautiful city of San Jose, California at the McEnery Convention Center. The conference had been held in Moscone West, San Francisco for the past thirteen years. Last time the WWDC was held in San Jose, it was 2002, the conference has been immensely increased in scale, participants and amount of software and hardware to display since then.

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McEnery Convention Center in San Jose (Image via San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau)

History of World Wide Developers Conference

The very first World Wide Developers Conference was held in 1989 and it covered the release of system 7. After that the conference became an annual thing. There are two main purposes of the conference

  • To provide developers from all over the world to meet up with engineers from Apple and discuss about software updates. The attendees can indulge in hands on exercises and workshops to learn about state of the art software that Apple is currently using.
  • Secondly the conference is a great way in which Apple showcase the upcoming products and software and answer queries regarding them.

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The conference begins with a keynote speech by the CEO of Apple. In the keynote address we get to see a glimpse of new and upcoming OS and other exciting products. It sets up the events for the rest of the week. The keynote speech was usually called Stevenotes as Steve Jobs used to give it but after his resignation, since 2011, it has been given by Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, Inc.

World wide Developers conference

Tim Cook speaks at WWDC 2012

While the conference is a great way for developers from all over the world to meet and know about new technologies and development trends, it has become a very exciting event for general public also because of their extreme enthusiasm for Apple products and their updates.

Tickets for World Wide Developers Conference 2017

It is a highly coveted event and developers from all over the world are interested in becoming a part of it that is why tickets are being given based on the lottery system. The price of the ticket is has not been announced yet. Last year it was priced at $1599. The registration will begin at Marc 27th 2017. You can register at Apple’s WWDC website to be eligible for random selection.

However if you fail to get your name in the lottery don’t worry because the conference will be live-streamed through the Apple Developer website and on the WWDC app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. So those who cannot be there can enjoy the experience online and more importantly be among the first ones to know about the launch of new products.

What to expect in World Wide Developers Conference 2017

Last year’s conference was a tremendous success. It introduced us to a number of great new exciting software like iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, WatchOS 3 and the debut of tvOS with Siri, single sign on and many other features. This year too, everyone is expecting great new advance in all of these four OS. Here is the breakdown of what we are expecting. Nothing is official but based on previous trends and general user expectations.


iOS 11 is about to be unveiled at the World Wide Developers Conference 2017. Users are expecting it to provide updates for iPads and iPad Pro. The pencil support for iPad Pro and some hardware and software improvements to make zooming and panning experience better are part of iOS 11 updates. However there will be many more as iOS 11 from iOS10 is a giant leap but for the time being it is all kept under a veil. There are rumors of iMessage availability for android and dark mode viewing for Apple screens to reduce eye stress available in the new OS. We shall know about it when the World Wide Developers Conference 2017 approaches.

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The updated software this OS will be released but there are no details available. Macbook users are impatiently waiting for new OS and some updates in the older version. Let’s see whether Apple fulfils their wishes or not.

TVOS and WatchOS 

Apple watches are worn enthusiastically all over the world. And Apple’s smart TV are becoming a part of thousands of homes. We have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us to make the tvOS and watchOS experience better but both the OS will see updates coming up at World Wide Developers Conference 2017.

Here is a press release from the Apples official newsroom that tells us a little about the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference

“Each year during WWDC, millions of talented developers around the world learn about Apple’s breakthrough platform technologies ranging from programming languages like Swift to breakthrough developer APIs like SiriKit, HomeKit, HealthKit and CarPlay. These Apple technologies inspire developers to continue creating incredible experiences for every aspect of customers’ lives and improve the way they manage their smart homes, cars, health and more for over one billion active Apple devices.”

After the new announcements people from all over the world are waiting for the registration to open so they can try their luck at having a chance to visit San Jose this June to visit the conference.

Which upcoming Apple product are you excited about? Share with us in the comments section below.

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