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This Is How The Windows Timeline Works

Jan 5, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Starting with the Windows 10 Preview Build 17063, the new timeline function can be used in Windows 10. This will allow you to see all the activities of the last month and later return to a previously processed task to continue working in the same place. But it will take a few more months for the Windows Timeline to be available for end users. The feature is to be introduced with the Redstone 4 update in the spring.

Windows Timeline

Microsoft has integrated Windows Timeline into the task view, which has been completely redesigned. From a central location, Windows 10 will be able to open all open windows, virtual desktops, and all past actions. In the Windows timeline, all program activities of the last thirty days are automatically recorded chronologically, not only for the current computer but for all devices connected to the Microsoft account. For all your own PCs and also tablets and smartphones, you get an activity log created with the Microsoft Graph in the cloud.

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On iOS and Android, this works only partially, since the respective programs must be connected to the Microsoft account here. But if you use Microsoft apps such as Powerpoint, Edge or Excel on your smartphone, you can also follow the activities on the Windows PC. Like Continue on PC, the Windows Timeline also helps to work across devices. In order for this to work optimally, however, the corresponding apps and possibly files must also be available on the other device. For documents and images, this can be done easily with Onedrive. These are opened with the Windows timeline than with the respectively set standard app. In order to be able to open certain non-file-based content for other apps, however, the specific app is required.

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It will, therefore, be some time before the Windows timeline reaches its full potential. After all, app developers must first retrofit their programs with the appropriate interface function. But even with the already working Microsoft apps, the Windows Timeline is a practical feature that can save a lot of time.

Features of the Windows Timeline

  • Creates an activity log for the past 30 days.
  • Captures actions of all devices connected to the Microsoft account.
  • At the click of a mouse, you can continue working in apps in the same place.
  • The integrated search filters the entries for keywords and apps.


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