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Windows Phone Is Officially Dead

Oct 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft Windows10Mobile executive Joe Belfiore recently took to Twitter to discuss the future fate of Windows Phone. He admitted that the phone is dead.

Windows Phone

Belfior said that Microsoft will still provide technical support to Windows10 in the future, including the modification of some software bug, to provide security update package, but the development of new operating system functions and hardware is no longer the focus of the work.

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He also gave some reasons for failure. He said Microsoft has worked hard to encourage third-party software developers to pay for their costs and even develop software products for them, but the user base is too small, and most software developers are reluctant to invest on Windows 10 mobile. Third-party agency data show that the share of Windows10 mobile version of the mobile phone and operating system has been less than 1%. The global market has been led by Google’s Android and Apple iOS system completely. At present, Microsoft has stopped the introduction of new Lumia smart phones, and Microsoft in its official store has also stopped selling Lumia mobile phone.


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