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Windows 10 UWP Protection Cracked

Feb 16, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the big advantages of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is that the Microsoft solution is very well protected. Because a UWP application has five copy protection layers, including the Denuvo-reminiscent anti-tamper solution Arxan. But now apparently group has succeeded for the first time to crack a UWP game.

UWP Cracked

The Windows Store and its apps are central to Microsoft’s efforts. The company also wants to build a platform for gaming and not only sell their own games, but also attract other publishers and developers. Here, however, you have to accept a severe setback, because according to a report by TorrentFreak, a cracker group called Codex has managed for the first time to override the rather complex copy protection measure of the Universal Windows Platform.

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The game, Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection, that crackers have gained unauthorized access to is probably not the most prominent one, though crackers are often all about the challenge. And this is absolutely true in the case of UWP because the Windows Store has as mentioned five protection levels, namely MSStore, UWP, EAppX, XBLive and Arxan.

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This combination was previously considered uncrackable, but now that is not the case. There are, however, some limitations. Because the cracked game can only be used on Windows 10, on at least the version 1607 or higher, so the Anniversary Update is needed. According to Codex, it must also be ensured that the game is not allowed to communicate with the Internet, which is why it must be blocked by the firewall. The focus of the crackers was, in particular, the Arxan protection mechanism, which is likely to significantly slow down UWP games, as it inflates the program file with “useless” virtual machines, according to the well-known cracker Voksi.


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