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Windows 10 On Snapdragon 835

Nov 14, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft and its partners are working to bring the first devices to market with a Qualcomm ARM processor as soon as possible in combination with an emulation-driven full-fledged Windows 10 device. Now, the first benchmarks and details of a first model have emerged that will give you a first impression of performance.

Windows 10 On Snapdragon

In the database of Geekbench, a benchmark software available both for mobile devices as well as for desktop systems with Windows, there are first indications of Windows-based systems with Qualcomm’s current high-end SoC. For months there have been entries that list results for benchmarks with a platform named ” Qualcomm CLS “.

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These may be reference designs that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 emulates as the basis for operating Windows 10. The devices are each equipped with four or eight gigabytes of memory and reach values in the tests respectively whose score is at least one third below the results of current high-end Android smartphones that are based on high-end chips from Qualcomm.

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For comparison, the best of Geekbench 3 for one of the systems named “Qualcomm CLS” with Windows 10 scored 4263 points in the multicore test and 1202 points in the single-core test, while current smartphones with the same SoC not infrequently over 2200 points come in single-core and over 7700 points in the multi-core test.

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It is to be hoped that Microsoft, Qualcomm, and the hardware partners can increase the performance even further, after all, the new devices should be able to keep up to the will of the Redmond certainly with x86-based systems. For the Geekbench entries, the tests were conducted on each of the 32-bit versions of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 S, so it can be assumed that some of the manufacturers also designed for the educational market entry-level version of Windows 10.

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Meanwhile, we have also been able to find first details about one of the planned laptop models. The CarePack database of Microsoft partner Hewlett-Packard reveals that the company intends to offer two variants of a 12-inch laptop with Windows 10 based on the Snapdragon 835. This should probably be part of HP’s business lineup and should, therefore, come along with foldable display and pen.

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The device is listed in the database in two versions, each with four or eight gigabytes of RAM and a 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal flash memory. Specifically, it should even be UFS memory, which should reach extremely high transmission rates thanks to the use of the modern flash standard. The high-quality components, including the UFS memory, which is in high demand because of its use in many high-end smartphones, indicate that prices are likely to be rather high.


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