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Windows 10 Redstone 5 Update To Come Soon

Feb 24, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft is already relatively advanced in the development of Windows 10 Redstone 5 and will deliver the first build for testers earlier than expected – a good time to highlight the features that are likely to be among the users with the next major Windows update.

Redstone 5 

It has long been known that Microsoft is currently working under the name Redstone 5 on the next major update for Windows 10. Microsoft is currently planning to release two feature updates for the operating system each year, which will be available April-May and September-October. If this is the rhythm, Redstone 5 can be expected to finalize in September and be released in October. As Windows Central writes in its report, users can expect the following features, among others:

Cloud Clipboard – cross-platform copying

With the integration of the Cloud Clipboard, Windows 10 Redstone 5 will allow text or documents to be copied directly to cloud storage for use on other Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. Originally, this feature was already expected for the Redstone 4 update, but Microsoft has apparently decided that there is still some development time needed. As Windows Central seems to have learned, the release of Cloud Clipboard with Redstone 5 is currently not backed up – so the feature could be postponed again.

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Windows Sets – Many program tabs in one window

As Microsoft itself has confirmed, the “sets” are a feature intended for release with Redstone 5. These make it possible to summarize tabs of different programs in one window.Just as we used the browser, programs such as Word, PowerPoint or Slack can be grouped as a “set” in a window and as such are accessible across platforms. Microsoft had given insider testers a glimpse of the first set of sets as part of developing Redstone 4, so it will most likely be complete for the Fall release.

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Control Center – more direct control

In 2017 it became known that Microsoft is working on a new Control Center for Windows 10, which summarizes Quick Actions and system options under a menu and can be accessed from the taskbar. Windows Central says that this is part of a larger effort to “clean up” the taskbar and Windows notification area, with Redstone 5 laying the groundwork for doing so. Accordingly, the Quick Actions should move from the Action Center to the Control Center, as well as other functions such as volume and brightness controls and system information.

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Many more features planned for Windows 10 Redstone 5

Redstone 5 will also many more customizations involving MicrosEdge, Fluent Design, the Action Center, and many other areas of the operating system. Among other things, it was also possible with a registry edit in Redstone 4 to take a first look at the new Windows search feature that is expected with the fall update.


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