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WhatsApp Increases Delete For Everone Time Limit

Mar 12, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Messenger WhatsApp, a service belonging to Facebook has long become the quasi-standard for (text) communication. SOme time back, WhatsApp introduced an amazing and much-needed option. It gave users the option to delete a message after sending it. However, the time window allowed was too small. Now, WhatsApp has extended the time window which means you have more time to delete sent messages and prevent embarrassing and awkward situations! 

WhatsApp Delete For All

The long-requested “delete for all” feature has been available on WhatsApp since last year, so you can delete a message not only locally for yourself, but also at the recipient’s end. So, if you send an embarrassing text and regret it later, or send a message to the wrong person, you can delete it. 

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So far, the time window rather short. So, if you were late to realize that the wrong message has been sent, you couldn’t undo it. Because currently, the time in which you can perform the deletion for all is 512 seconds, which is about eight and a half minutes. The always attentive WABetaInfo who keeps a tab on WhatsApp has now discovered that the time has been significantly extended, to 4096 seconds, which is one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds. This adaptation was found in the iOS update with the number 2.18.31.

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WABetaInfo also found another change while investigating the software. Because the hijack for all feature was abused by hackers to remove messages that could be years old.WhatsApp now carries out additional checks to make sure that messages that are more than 24 hours old can not be deleted. But you can outsmart this solution relatively easily, if you want, by turning off your phone for a day. Also modified versions can continue to trigger such a late deletion.


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