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Whatsapp message extraction function: Don’t get frightened of your mistakes

Feb 7, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to external reports and partial information gathered from Facebook. Whatsapp team is working on a new challenge, which will permit the user to remove old messages that were sent earlier. If this option is introduced in the market, it will be ridiculously famous. This awesome feature is of great importance for carefree and irresponsible people.
Some people are able to enjoy this beautiful feature, who are able to use this trial sort of WhatsApp. Programmers are working on this feature. Nothing is for sure at this stage. But with time it is visible that this feature will work soon.

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At present, WhatsApp is working on another feature which can generate real-time tracking location sort of work just same as GPS. This option will create easiness for people to meet each other. It all depends on WhatsApp, it’s their niche to make this feature viewable to people or a group of people or not to. This option may be workable for certain people in certain regions.

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Whatsapp has the authority and power to make this feature workable.

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