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Apps That Tried To Copy WhatsApp Business Shamelessly And Failed

Jan 29, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

WhatsApp Business, which is an independent messaging application that is focused on business management, is finally here. The app is now available on Google Play and you can download it to see how it differs from the normal version. However, there are some other things that you can check out on the Google Play store too: the WhatsApp Business copycat apps. A lot of third-party applications have attempted to shamelessly copy the app. The apps not only imitate the functions but also the interface of WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp Business

The Fakest Of Them Allfake whatsapp business

Before looking at the applications that are the intentional (or unintentional) copies of WhatsApp Business, let’s look at the most blatant imitation. Before the app was even officially available, a similar app was spotted on Google Play. It made a debut in November 2017. A Twitter user spotted it first. The developer is called ‘Whasp.Business Inc. ‘It was updated in October last year. As per the statistics, it has been downloaded between 1000 and 5000 times. The app asks for a lot of mobile permissions that seem rather invasive and also have in-app purchases. It seems like a scam for sure. The name of the application was changed to ‘Update Whatsapp’. However, it has now been removed from the Play store.

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AutoResponder for WhatsApp – Automatic answerwhatsapp business copy

Right now, this app appears as the first result when your search for WhatsApp Business. It is not really a copy but shares one attribute with WhatsApp Busines: the automated response. The app works as an automated response to a phrase or word that you fix, but you cannot substitute it for WhatsApp Business. It can simply complement the normal version of Whatsapp.

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AutoReplyfake whatsapp business

This app will also appear in the search results when you look for the Business version of WhatsApp. This app is a real disaster. Once you download it and give it permissions, it starts sending automatic messages to everyone on the contact list which starts a conversation without giving you a chance to change the settings. Apart from that, not only does the app sends a message when someone contacts you, but also send a lot of advertisement and links. This can be very annoying and even embarrassing, especially in a group chat.

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Auto Reply for WhatsApp Business

This app is not claiming to be a copy. It is an automatic response generator for WhatsApp Business. It responds automatically to phrases and words. However, when you use an application like this you skip the WhatsApp Terms of Service and this may create problems.

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These are the WhatsApp business copies that could be found in the Play Store right now and more might show up in the future. Beware of these copycat apps and be vigilant while downloading the app.

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