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Whatsapp adds three new features for user ease

Mar 22, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Whatsapp has become everyone’s favorite messaging app over the years and rightly so. It quick, easy to use and reliable. The good thing about the app is that the makers have not forgotten about the app new features are constantly added to whatsapp. Yesterday when the new version rolled out for the masses, people were very happy to see the features that they were hoping for and Whatsapp adds three new features became the trending news today.

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Whatsapp adds three new features

The very first feature added is the group description. Now the group admin can add a description of group in upto  characters. The group members can update or change the description.

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The second feature is that now users can search for group members within a group. When the group has too many members it becomes very difficult to find the specific contact in the group. With the new search option now it is easily possible.

The third feature is what many people really wanted from Whatapp. Now the switch between video call and audio call is just a button away like in most other calling apps. Earlier it was a tediously long process where the call had to be cut first, and then the new call in the required mode had to be made. And if halfway through you realized now you want to switch off the camera or switch on the camera then you had to repeat the complete process once again.

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So this was the summary of all the newly added features in Whatsapp. If you are not able to see the new features in your app, do not worry. The roll out will reach you soon.

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