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Voice Calling in Google Duo rolls out

Apr 12, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A feature that we all have been already waiting for, for quite some time now, Google adds voice calling in Google Duo. Google Duo has been around but it supported only video calling unlike its competitors, FaceTime and WhatsApp. Earlier this feature was only available in Brazil but now after a lot of beta testing Google’s Technical Engineer and head of Google Duo team, Justin Uberti tweeted late last night that the Feature is ready to roll out through out the world.

The Google Duo team is ready to roll out the feature to all over the world. Just update the app and then double tap the screen to see the feature available. The benefit of this feature is for people making calls on low bandwidth. Earlier people trying to make video calls on 2G or even 3G had problems in the voice clarity and call connection but now with voice calling available they can make calls easily. Justin has told his Twitter followers that the voice calling feature has been tested successfully over 2G also and it has been found to be very successful. Another good thig about voice calling is that it is good for calling from crowded and noisy places. Also if you lack the camera feature in the mobile or camera is not working you can still use voice calling. Also sometimes one just does not want to have a video chat, but just audio chat. So because of all these requirements, Google Duo presented the users with this option.

How to use voice calling in Google duo?

Voice calling in Google duo is easy. As the feature has been rolled out worldwide, if you are not seeing it you must update the app. Then on the main screen, double tap. This will open a toggle between voice and video call option.

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Do you think this new option in of voice calling in Google Duo will make it a stronger competitor to WhatsApp and FaceTime? Share with us your views by commenting below.


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