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Vivaldi Browser Is Now Also Available For Raspberry Pi

Dec 5, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Jon S. von Tetzchner had already supplied a variety of platforms with the Opera browser co-founded by him.In his new project Vivaldi he sticks to this tradition.The result is that the new browser is now available not only for the large desktop platforms, but also for the mini-computer Raspberry Pi .

Raspberry Pi

The hobbyist systems work with ARM processors and are equipped as standard with a Linux distribution. And on this one can not only use one of the included open source browser, but also the Vivaldi. Not only does this seem to perform better than most other browsers available, it also has fewer problems rendering modern web content.

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Vivaldi also brings features to users of Rapberry Pi systems, such as grouping tabs, the ability to take screenshots, and take notes. Furthermore, the browser can be quite largely adapted to their own needs, so that it can serve, for example, for the realization of user interfaces at a terminal in which one of the mini-computers is inserted.

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Vivaldi provides the Websurfer with a complete toolbox that can be personalized according to their own wishes,” explained von Tetzchner. In future versions, the flexibility and adaptability will be further extended, so that the browser tends to be even better used for Raspberry projects.

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Another advantage is offered especially to less technically savvy users in the delivery form: The Raspberry Pi version comes in the form of a classic installation package , which can be run on the graphical user interface with a simple double-click. It is therefore not necessary to bring the browser via command line commands to the computer.


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