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Video Editing App by Apple and top Video Editing Apps

Mar 24, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Apple newsroom had been abuzz once again and as usual there is some new and exciting news for us. Apple is going to release an innovative video editing App Clips soon for iPhone and iPads. The new app will be released in sometime in April. The release will be for iOS based platforms at first but whether its Android and Windows based versions will come out or not is known as yet. It will be a free app.

video editing app

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Features of Innovative Video Editing App

There are a number of video editing apps available in Apple App Store and Google Play store, so the question is what makes Clips so unique. It is an App especially designed and created by Apple so it is bound to be better than other video editors. Here are some of the features of this video editing app that will bound to make this an interesting and different from the others apps.

Incredibly Easy To Use video editing app

First thing is the extremely user friendly interface that Apple claims to make the process of editing videos very easy. Of course the App is not released yet s we cannot really know what the interface looks like but taking the word of Apple team for it, we can be assured that the app will be easy to use.


The main functionality of the app is to create Expressive videos. It helps in combining videos, pictures and music and make a resulting video as an amalgamation of your greatest moments. The videos can then be shared with friends and family easily. There are a number of video editing options. You can add effects and emojis to the video. There are a number of filters available too and we are too excited to explore them as soon as the app is released.

According to Apple’s official newsroom the process is as simple as this

“Clips lets users create multi-clip videos on iPhone or iPad without timelines, tracks or complicated editing tools. Touch and hold a single button to shoot live video and photos, or add them from the Photo Library. Then add artistic filters, speech bubbles, shapes or emoji. Users can also add full-screen posters with animated backgrounds and customizable text.”

Easy to add Background Music inside video editing app

Adding background music to videos is very easy in Clips. There is a considerable amount of music library. You can just choose the music video of your choice and it will automatically be adjusted to the length of the video. You can add from your personal music too and adding that is also quite easy.

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Live Titles

The most interesting feature that has been promised by Apple is Live Titles. You can add interesting and catchy titles to the video by just your voice in real time while shooting the video. Captions are generated in a predefined format are in sync with the user’s vice input thus making the process of adding animated designs to the video very easy and useful. Different styles can be mixed and matched. You can tap the titles to edit them by adding text, punctuation or emojis. Live titles support thirty six different languages.

Sharing Clips videos

It is very easy to share the videos made from Clips. Firstly clips is very intelligent and recognize your friends faces if they are stored in your phone book. It will give suggestions to you as to which friends you want to share the video with. You can also choose the friends with whom you want to share the video with.

All these features make us really very excited about the upcoming App from Apple. We hope to see it soon not only in Apple store but also in Google play store and for Windows Phone.

Here are some other top video editing apps available in the market which can be tough competitors to Apple’s Clips


video editing app

iMovie is a great video editor available for iOS devices. It allows users to add titles, captions, voiceover, background music and pictures to your video. There are some very nice movie trailer themes and T V serial type templates that you can use to create the videos.

Download iMovie for iOS

Luma fusion

video editing app

While iMovie is great, it is for casual use only for home videos or to make videos for fun or YouTube, but if you want professional touch and take things to the next level, you must try out LumaFusion. It has a huge number of video editing tools. You can add impressive effects. It is good enough for professional journalists and to an extend filmmakers.

Although it is a bit expensive compared to other video editing apps and is priced at 19.99 $ but the features it offers give back your value for money.

It is available for iOS platform

Download LumaFusion for iOS


This is a great video editing app for Android platforms. It has a simple to use interface that makes handling different video clips, images and recordings easily and simultaneously. However this app is available at a monthly subscription rate and not a one time buy off. It is 2.29 per month. You can also buy a yearly subscription for 23.25$.

Movie Edit Touch

video editing app

This is the windows platform based movie editor, it is fast and has a wide variety of options to be used for video editing. It allows frame by frame editing, add titles and soundtracks. It can export the results as HD movies. It is free of cost but there are in app purchases. Available for windows phone you can Download Movie Edit Touch for Windows Phone here.

These are the top video editing apps that are available across different platforms. Now as Apple is releasing Clips and promising great new features let’s see which apps will face greater competition. Of course iOS based apps are in graver danger as compared to android and windows based apps.

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Are you going to download and install Clips? Which is your favorite video editing software. Share with us my commenting below.

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