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Vernee Mars Pro Review: An Affordable All Rounder Phone

Oct 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Vernee products are not that popular but Vernee Mars Pro can said to be an exception. It is a medium-high end  phone with 6 GB of RAM and it is very affordable. It also has an extremely thin frame so the phone looks striking too.

Vernee Mars Provernee mars pro

Vernee Mars Pro is affordable, and has a good hardware. The SoC is a Mediatek Helio P25 , 64-bit octa-core with a maximum frequency of 2.5 GHz along with GPU Mali T880, from 6 GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory expandable via microSD by foregoing a SIM slot. Connectivity is managed with WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / s support for Dual SIM Dual Standby with two Nano SIM slots. There is support for 4G LTE band 20 , Bluetooth only 4.0 and FM radio. Unfortunately, there is no NFC.

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As far as geolocation is concerned, there is support for A-GPS and Glonass, with a fast fix and good navigation experience. The reception is discreet. There are some small uncertainties in data connectivity when you are moving, this does not happen too frequently. The phone and antenna parts are good. The design and materials used in Vernee Mass Pro are great. The body of the phone is made of aluminum and it is slightly rounded but well defined. The ergonomics of the phone are also good. The texture of the phone is non slippery which gives you a good grip over the phone. 

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The dimensions of Vernee Mass Pro are 151 x 74 x 7.6 mm, and it weighs 161 grams. The phone is beautiful to look at and has a premium feel to it. On the front you see a Gorilla Glass 3 paneled 2.5D panel. As far as the layouts of the elements are concerned, the SIM cart is on the left, the 3.5 mm jack is on the top, and on the the bottom is the USB Type-C connector, along with the main microphone and the system mono speaker. On the right side you see a power button and the volume bar, that can be distinguished because you can recognize  the first by a concentric circular pattern.

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On the right side you also see Sony’s side fingerprint reader, and it is slightly twisted. Apart from that, it is a very inexpensive and slow sensor in recognition, and it is almost useless.

vernee mars pro review

The display of Vernee Mars Pro is nothing exceptional. The panel is a 5.5 inch IPS FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixel), and has good viewing angles. But the colors are not that brilliant, and are too cold. The maximum brightness is not that high and black is shallow. But you can personalize via software using MiraVision .

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The audio compartment is just alright. The mono speaker on the bottom has a very high volume but a low sound quality. Instead of going for malfunctioning or fake dual camera like many Chinese smartphones, Vernee has exploited a single 13 MP rear camera with dual flash LED and a 5 MP front camera, with lighting for selfies. From a software point of view, the application is pretty basic and there are only a few interesting options. There is support for the Camera2 API though. This means you can use other applications for shooting in manual mode.

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The quality of the pictures is not high, but it captures more details compared to many other similarly priced products. The shutter processing algorithm is very bland, and you can notice this by a subtle roll of always present noise and very flat and vivid colors. You can get discrete shots during the day, especially if RAW can be modified, but during night the situation isn’t really good. Same applies to selfies. So, basically, the camera department is not outstanding. The videos can go up to 4K. They are not bad as far as details are concerned, but the scene is constantly burnt out and tit affects the overall quality of the videos.

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The battery of Vernee Mars Pro has a capacity of 3500 mAh. This means you can go anywhere  between 4 hours and a half and 5 hours of active display with a medium-intensive day of use. It also provides packed power support for quick charging . Vernee Mars Pro has the classic Mediatek ROM based on Android 7.0 Marshmallow. There are not many options to customize and the customization available is limited to display filters so there is less strain on the view, the ability to reverse back and multitasking in the on-screen navigation bar, and to schedule on-time and power-off times.

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There are various gestures to control the phone. If you double click the power button, you can access the camera. If you flip the phone during an incoming call it silences the phone and if you swipe your fingers three times, you can capture a screenshot. Preinstalled applications are the usual, and a bit dated, provided in Mediatek ROMs.

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The hardware of Vernee Mars Pro is priceless hardware for the price it is sold. The application loading times are quite short and the overall user experience is good. There is some uncertainty when you browse heavy websites though. When you play games, the details are reproduced with a high level of details and the frame rate is constant. But, it is not as good as top of the range phones. There is no problem with over heating.

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Vernee Mars Pro is free of defects and compromises. It is a good phone in this price range. The design is sleek and the construction is of premium quality. The body of the phone is very thin and the design is almost bezel less. The overall performance of the phone is also good. The camera is OK and the software is not optimally optimized. The phone is available for 187 USD.

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