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How To Share WordPress Post on Your Facebook Using IFTTT

Apr 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Link your Facebook with your website in 4 simple steps:

  1. Request webmaster to make your account on there site (WordPress) or register to there website if there is an option.
  2. Visit IFFT and create your account there. Its simple and easy.
  3. Create a Recipe and link your Facebook with WordPress.
  4. Done!!! now whenever there is a post on your WordPress, it will be automatically shared on your wall.

Connecting your Facebook with WordPress using IFTTT:

This video tells how you can share your WordPress post on your Facebook using IFTTT. It automatically shares your WordPress post on your Facebook account.

If your want to connect two sites with your Facebook or any other social account, then you need to create two different IFTTT account, i.e. one IFTTT account for each website and follow the same procedure in the video for both sites 🙂

What is IFTTT:

IFTTT stands for If this then that. Which means, if a certain action is done somewhere you pointed, it will trigger and an action will be done which you want. For example, if The Next Rex or Study Material publishes any new post and you want to share it on you wall, every time you will have to wait and do it manually. But using IFTTT life is much easier.

How IFTTT Works:


This The Next Rex or Study Material

publishes a new post (THIS is an ACTION)


IFFTT will trigger an action, what you want, which previously you have to do manually.


Post it on your Facebook ( That is an ACTION )

These triggering actions are called Recipes.

What are Recipes:

Recipes are basically your plan for each action, for example, when ever The Next Rex posts anything new, you want to share on your Facebook wall, Facebook group, Facebook pages you manage, on your Reddit, or any other social media platform, so each action you want to perform is a recipe that you will create.

If you want to know anything else please let me know by your comments, and do give us your valuable feedback.

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