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USB is not working !!! Solved!

Jan 24, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Was your USB working yesterday on your computer and today it’s not? You went to office or school to show your assignment or project, and your USB not showing any files? Your USB detected with virus? USB is detected but it is not shown in My Computer? USB is not working?

Today USB has become part of the computer user. USB (universal serial bus) is a storage device for files, images, videos, etc. USB has gave you ease but sometimes it becomes a deadly problem when you need it the most. There are so many problems faced by USB users. And they don’t find the exact solution for them which make it hectic for new users of USB.

USB are prone to viruses

USB are prone to viruses. They can easily get virus from the computer which do not have anti-virus and then transfer it into any other device on which it is plugged. So make sure to scan the USB always before opening it to prevent your computer from especially TROJAN virus.

USB is not working -3

USB not showing files even if it is not empty

When there is a virus in USB, and you have scanned it. Then you open the USB, all files are disappeared. Your important files and memorable events all gone disappeared. But when you check the capacity, it shows that the USB is not empty. Don’t worry, to retrieve the data, just open the command prompt and go to your USB drive and write  attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.* an enter. Then close the command prompt.

USB Solutions and Problems

USB is detected but not shown in “My Computer”

Other problems some users faced are that your computer has detected the USB but it is not shown in My Computer. You cannot open your USB drive to copy or paste anything on it. It is disappeared from the “My computer”. For this go to Device Manager and then Universal Serial Bus Controllers and then select your USB storage device and uninstall it. Unplug your USB and Restart your computer. And then you will see the USB in MY computer and can easily work on it.

USB - Problems and Solutions


USB is not working

Sometime your computer don’t detect the USB. Then you have to check its port. Either your USB port is not working or your computer port is not working. Check it by plugging it into some other device, if it still don’t detect then it means your USB port is damaged. You can repair your USB by just changing it port as shown in figure.  Just  take an old USB cable, cut it and do some electric soldering and its all done.

USB Solutions and Problems

There are many other problems faced by users which are not mentioned here. These were the top most problems faced by the users. Hope it help you. One more thing, remember to safely eject your USB device so your data will never lost or get corrupted. So if USB is not working see the above solutions. Enjoy

USB is working not

We will love to hear your problems regarding USB drives. Don’t forget to share them.


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