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Why Have You Been Unable To Reach Your Goals?

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

All of us have goals that we would like to achieve. While some of us can’t reach our goals because of lack of action, some of us can’t achieve them even though we are working towards them. Why can’t we reach our goals? 

Reasons Why You Can’t Achieve Your Goals

You Failed To Set a Goal

Merely having a desire to achieve something will not help you. Your desire must be well-defined, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Proper goal setting is necessary if you want to achieve your goals. Goal setting gives you a direction to work towards, along with a game plan. When you follow a set plan without any distraction or ambiguity, your chances of success are higher.

You Make Excusesfail to achieve goals

We all make excuses to hide our inactions. Making excuses is an excellent way to surrender. You surrender all your dreams and hopes with one excuse. Stop making excuses. If an excuse is genuine, figure out ways to stop it from coming in the way of your goals. As it is rightfully said, excuses will stay with you forever, opportunities won’t. Do not waste your time, health, and resources by making excuses.

Focusing On Fear

We often let fear take the reigns. We let fear drive our actions. When we start working towards something, we focus more on the chances of failure. Fear only demotivates you and diminishes your confidence. Realize that most things we fear do not happen. SO remain calm, and focus on your goals.

Bad Habits Take Over

Our bad habits prevent us from achieving so many things in life. It does not have to be one bad habit, even a couple of small, persistent habits can make achieving goals difficult. For instance, if you go to bed late, and get up late, your productivity will suffer. If you are a procrastinator, your work will suffer. Try to get rid of your bad habits. Realize the havoc they are causing in your life.

Not Realizing Where Your Goals Can Take You

Sometimes even though we really want to achieve a goal, we are not serious about achieving it. We fail to realize the doors that goal will open for us. It is a good idea to list down the benefits you will get after reaching your goal. For instance, if you get good marks, your chances of making it to a good university will increase, and a good university degree will increase your chances of landing a good job.

Not Setting Your Priorities Straight

We subconsciously tend to prioritize things that will not add any value to our life. For instance, we often waste hours watching tv instead of utilizing that time to get something important done. We need to realize that with every action of ours, we are either moving towards our goal or away from it. Seemingly unimportant little things can eat up a lot of your time.

You Are Not Committed Enough

To achieve something important, you must be committed to pursuing your goal. Make a plan and stick to it. Do not give in to distractions. For instance, if your aim is to go to the gym 6 days every week, do not miss even a day. Because once you miss a day without any reason, you will not find it difficult to miss another one for no reason. Do not take any day lightly. Every day is important if you want to achieve your goal.

You Are Too Easy On Yourself

While I do not recommend being harsh on yourself, it is not a good idea to be too easy on yourself. If you do things every day which are moving you away from your goal, and you think nothing of it, then perhaps you need to get your act together. If you find it difficult to stay committed to your goal, ask someone to keep a check on you. Accountability often makes us more efficient.

Not Tracking Progress

It is crucial to set measurable goals which can be tracked. Ambiguous goals are neither easy to track nor easy to achieve. Check your progress periodically to make sure you are on track. Create benchmarks you can assess yourself against.

Giving Up achieve goals

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we are unable to achieve a goal. In situations like these, we feel hopeless. We feel that all our struggle is futile. You must hold on to your goals stronger than ever during these times. Remember things get worse before they get better. Resolve never to give up. Realize that your task is trying. If you remain persistent, you will achieve your goal.

Blame Game

Blaming others for your failure is the best way to absolve yourself from all the responsibilities you have towards yourself. Do not hold anyone accountable for your failures but yourself. Take full responsibility for your flaws and shortcomings. Even if someone is genuinely responsible for creating a hurdle in your way, do not focus on them. Do not focus on anyone or anything that is stopping you. Only focus on the possibilities you have.


Negativity always takes away, it never gives you anything. Do not hold on to anything that is negative. Even negative thoughts can negatively affect your productivity. Do not think about anything negative that happened in the past. Do not think about anything negative that may happen in the future. Do not leave room for any negativity in your life. I know it’s easier said than done, but our task is trying. Do a little experiment. For one week only focus on the positive and only think about the possibilities in life. Do not think about anything negative for even a second. If your mind steers that way, engage yourself in some activity, like housework. Negative thoughts often become negative realities, and positive thoughts can transform in a beautiful life.

Most successful, well-known figures in the world are ordinary people like you and me. They had dreams and desires like you and me. What sets them apart from us is that they turned their desires into achievements. They were committed to their goals. Their goals meant a lot to them, they did not take their goals lightly. You have the same potential as any successful person in the world, you just have to unlock it!

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