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The Ultimate Surface Book i7 — What’s New?

Oct 28, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Today, Microsoft declared the most current variant of its Surface Book, the Surface Book i7. This new tablet takes probably the most vital components of the original Surface Book and enhances them.

Let’s have a inside look of this new Surface Book i7 with Satya Nadella.

Satya Narayana Nadella is an Indian-conceived American business executive. He is the present CEO of Microsoft and is gaining solid ground re-establishing the $93.58 billion-in-incomes organization as a pioneer in tech.

Nadella last section Rainer Maria, saying “I have been coming before it happened, entered and transformed us,”   He proceeded with: “Today, you likewise observed the introduction of new media later on we will be 2D to 3D, and 3D objects go from Holographic We trust that the truth can be blended consistently in your digital/simple life. We trust that it is a blended reality consistent digital and analog universe of new encounters. We trust that specialists, performers, architects, students, gamers, each maker, to join the mixed reality of the media, to get genuine living. Eventually, innovation will turn into a device in the hands of individuals, reinforce our gifted and innovativeness. ”

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella  said: “To create a place or a platform for all opportunities, we each have inherent creative, emotional, expressing the desire I firmly believe that in the next 10 years will be on technology innovation bring great change. tonight’s theme is to create a full opportunity for everyone in the new platform, so that each of us has a desire to create, access, and expression. we are a representative of builders, doers, create those of the company. we have been “Mine craft” generation, gamers and creators crave inspiration. what we have done is in between content consumption and creation expression to find a balance.”

Art of comics edited directly on PhotoShop, you can see the hinge is very stable, not how to move up the palm pressure. Xiongtai use Photoshop authoring skills amazing, it sounds Movies have action, a scene cut more attractive. It can be seen through the demo, Surface Studio and Dial will shine in a creative field.

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The new circular input accessory called Surface Dial, this is a new creativity tool that will completely change your creative process. Rotate around, reproducible / retreat demonstrate the editing process, adjusting the runner in the video can change the brush strokes, ink, etc., of course, you can also use it to flip.  Surface Studio prevent palm rejection mechanism, you simply cannot tell the difference between it and a real pen, marking directly on a Word document, pen scribbled a diagram in Word, you can easily delete the selected paragraphs.

Microsoft has tried for many years in a radial menu, Microsoft’s goal is to your table, playing a studio. The new accessory features a mix of touch and ink. This is a new way of creation. Surface Studio zero-gravity hinges, 80 parts, custom tuned springs, 20-degree angle of the best paintings, the display weighs only 5.9kg, much better than re-drawing board, Surface Pen also supports the use of the Surface Studio.

Microsoft surface studio

Surface Studio built-in high-definition camera, support for Windows Hello recognition. Desktop has never been so simple, Surface has been derived from three product lines, Pro correspondence flat, Book correspondence notebook, Studio corresponds to the desktop, Surface Studio still around Create (create) theme. 3DMark score 12,000 + you can get the handle to play games on Surface Studio, built-in microphone array, full liberties Cortana accessible and simple generalization is with them is a dream scene, incredibly smooth, configuration ahead of the times.

Professionals can choose a variety of desired color options. Aspect Ratio 3: 2, the pixel density of 192ppi. It is important to let you fully immersed, it is very important for the creative personnel.

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Surface Studio can increase productivity, will change the way you work, inspire your creative inspiration. Forged aluminum body with a metal case, screen thickness of 1.3mm, the overall thickness of 1.3mm, 28 inches, 13.5 million pixels, much higher than the 63% 4K TV, the screen is TFT screen, capable of reducing the most authentic red, users can adjust the color standard directly from the Windows Action Center 10 between adjusting to the DCI-P3 color gamut sRGB mode.

After a long period of foreshadowing, Panos and finally we mentioned a new product …… that is the rumored Surface Studio machine. Aircraft is equipped with 28-inch 3: 2 ratio of the display, Ge Force 980M graphics card, 32GB memory + 2TB hybrid hard drive, the thinnest display and tactile feedback input, from the side view, so thin and beautiful.

Interactive multimedia platform


New design And Battery Life :

The new design of the cooling system and 16 hours of battery life, can be described as truly the ultimate notebook. Product will begin accepting reservations today, listed for sale in November, priced at $ 2399.

Calls from gamers, they need a higher graphics performance! Moreover, everyone require longer battery life! And this is our answer – Core i7 processor equipped high version Surface Book. The new Surface Book with a new design, battery life is increased by 30%, double the graphics performance.

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User Satisfaction :

Windows 10 devices (and MacBook) in user satisfaction Surface Book is the highest. A concentrate used in the Surface Book user photo One Note records to see who is using the Surface children with the teacher on how to share One Note notes. Myerson came to share the goal of Windows 10, Windows 10 update part about this end, the following should be the message of the hardware device.

notification alert

Notification system :

Users can add SHOULDER TAPS on the desktop, if you send someone to the Emoji expression, they pop up directly on their desktop.

When you receive a notification, Skype and mail applications immediately surfaced on the desktop, you can quickly reply to the application, he said: “For these important people, the way we communicate is very important.” The new image application that allows you to tag a video or photo, then share it via email or Skype. Everyday communication can easily be overlooked, Microsoft and Skype will filter mail messages and highlight important human message. In view of this, Windows 10 Creator Update will allow you to contact the most attention on the Windows 10 task bar, you can drag and drop anything to a person’s head, and then easily leave a message.

 Social connections And Functions :

Ms. Allison O’Mahony stage presentation of Microsoft’s Windows division, she focused show social connections and functions. She pointed out that social networking is complex, most of us are in communication have made some key people, they are very important in our daily lives. The “killer instinct” game as an example players can easily set the rules of the game, a custom game support across Windows 10 and Xbox ONE platform. Stage using Xbox One S, a 4K display connection, special mention of Xbox One S has continuously ranked the United States hosts the sales list in March.

20 degree drafting angles

Easy life hacks for gamers :

Microsoft does not seem to focus on career live players and gaming players, but to live and gaming competitions become something that everyone can participate. Xbox One Preview members already able to test parts.

Live will be easier than ever, in the application to call up the Game Bar to start streaming immediately, there will be a chat box in small boxes and video games, Xbox Live will be sent to a friend that you are in the Xbox live streaming applications notifications can be customized tournaments.

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Beam, apparently related to the company’s technology into Xbox applications, Beam users seem to be able to send us your suggestions by clicking the button anchor.
Windows 10 Creators Update will force the gaming, Ms. Jenn McCoy Xbox game demo came to power sector, I believe that many gamers prefer the Xbox Live application winning integrated directly into the game.

Myerson back to the stage, he said:. “Creators Update got their help many partners, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, they will ship the virtual reality headset means they will provide their own VR device, priced starting from US $ 299. ”

12.5mm thin touch screen

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3D Objects And Hololens :

To help you explore the city, we launched Holotour applications. Bring special experience through this application will give users in Microsoft HoloLens and interact with other cities.

You can give yourself a home lost in a 3D scene HoloLens chair IKEA do not know the future will not accept this technology. HoloLens each window open, you can move around as the wearer. You can grab from Remix 3D objects, then throw them directly  HoleLens scenario, all these 3D objects, will be automatically holographic technology, the photograph of the image you just created a “holographic image” appeared on the lecture stage, can It does of course cool, but the current problem is – not everyone has HoloLens headset device. Wearing HoloLens presenter Guangzhou IKEA website, directly to the chair to generate 3D objects. Saunders returned to the stage, following about several examples of Microsoft’s 3D experience. First HoloLens mixed reality device will let you in the real world, to experience the 3D object; secondly Microsoft Edge browser will also become a showcase 3D content on HoloLens portal.

billion possible display colors

You can zoom the 3D objects in the PowerPoint slide. Alekson proudly said: “3D functions and PowerPoint was a perfect match.” Users can access the 3D community  finding the right 3D creative and modify and customize.

Microsoft reached a cooperation with Trimble, and brought SketchUp, presenter import works just drawing from the community will be 3D material palm trees, in addition to graffiti tools support a variety of interesting things with the stylus.

Monthly average 100 million people use Windows Paint tool, the new application formally known – “Paint 3D”. Saunders started on a live demonstration of Paint 3D Surface use, and said that due to a leak in advance, some people may have been the first to experience before.  Saunders said: “The 12-24 year-olds, 80% believe that creativity is the most important thing we build this amazing new platform that enables them in new ways to create, it can make your 3D possible simple, just take a picture or record a video that simple. “.  This looks like a new drawing application with a magical selection tool, and tools to create a variety of shapes and objects, from the video theme, Microsoft will force education and creative fields.

inside out graphics

Windows Update :

In the promotional video, Microsoft said it will update via Windows 10 Creators, we will fully release the magic of 3D video appeared three-dimensional origami, sculpture, mirrors, and various objects. Flash across the screen is a new 3D drawing applications, device editing 3D objects, 3D world and so experience becomes very easy. In Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft Update will bring everyone to experience mixed reality 3D, 4K native game, each of us can create, share and experience the mixed reality and 3D, players can get the best 4K gaming experience. Today, our productivity are limited to two-dimensional level, such as email, documents, spreadsheets, and slides, the next generation of young people will grow up happy in the 3D world, the play “My World” game.
Speaking of Windows 10, now this latest operating system, has ushered in the 400 million + users, Windows 10 hours of use, has reached 200 billion, the game time has grown 500%. These devices have in common is that they are in Windows 10 as the center, Windows 10 Creators Update focuses on the creators, will be launched in early 2017.

notification alert

easier live of gamers by surface i7

First, Microsoft played video games for some warm, Windows Program Manager cite many testers test plan describes the Windows accessibility features provided by Windows 10.

Moreover this conference focused on the subject include:

  • Windows 10 major upgrade

Windows 10 will be a focus of this conference, Microsoft, the software giant plans next year for a major upgrade Windows 10 twice, the first time is expected to be in March next year. Since the distance between the first major upgrade for less than six months, we expect Microsoft will be Windows or some of the new features 10 new features described in detail.


  • The Surface machineTerry Myerson

Another highlight of this conference, Microsoft is the new Surface device. Surface-one, as always, continues the Microsoft hardware features, is expected to be equipped with 24 inches or 27-inch screen, you can put flat on the table by a hinge, so that, Surface machine is more like the first Surface tablet, as Microsoft how to use the software in this mode, also please see. We expect Microsoft’s new Surface opportunity to support one touch screen and stylus, the focus is to create 3D objects and Hologram .

  • 3D and creative

Microsoft’s focus on the creative aspects of the effort also extends to areas beyond the hardware. For example, Microsoft’s new Paint application recently leaked, it gives us great insight early in order to meet the changing Microsoft Windows 10 era and its applications paintings made. The new application will be a general-purpose Windows applications, designed for pen and touch features are optimized, you can create 3D objects.


  • For Windows 10 of Microsoft Paint application

3D function is the key, it seems to be the main focus of Paint applications. Twitter users discovered the Paint application Walking Cat promotional video, in addition to a 3D version of Skype and PowerPoint, which also referred to the “Beihai 3D ecosystem.” Clearly, Microsoft is to create some kind of 3D ecosystem, so that Windows 10 has become more and more interaction with the device center. October 26, Microsoft may be the opportunity to show its 3D ambitions.

  • HoloLens and Xbox

If there is no HoloLens helmet, Microsoft focused on 3D technology strategy difficult to complete, he said. We expect that Microsoft will launch the next generation of HoloLens, but it is clear that the company plans to let other people can build their own HoloLens helmet. To accomplish this task, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 on top of Windows Holographic panoramic system that allows users to Windows 10 PC helmet directly into this environment. So far, Microsoft only revealed the existence of the feasibility of this technology, not fully show how 3D hologram illustration improve the Windows 10 PC experience.

imagine what you will do

  • Smart Speaker

Microsoft is ready to launch “Home Hub” feature on the Windows 10 platform, to control the connected devices, but rumors outside Microsoft will launch the built-in “Huna” in “Home Hub” devices. Windows Central r According to reports, Microsoft is preparing to release the built-in speakers Amazon Echo types of smart devices in October 26. This voice-activated smart speaker is said to save the document on your device, like Alexa to be the same question to answer.


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