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Uh-uh Siri Is Not The Most Lovable Voice Assistant!

Jul 2, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

All the tech giants are focusing their attention on perfecting their own versions of voice assistants, be it Google, Apple, Amazon, or Samsung. However, Adobe’s first published survey results show that although the voice assistant has gained popularity in recent years, a lot of people say their experience was not good.

37% of The People Do Not Like Voice Assistants

Adobe’s survey shows that 37% of respondents believe that the interaction with voice assistants is “bad”. But, on the other hand, the remaining respondents described their experience as “okay”. In addition, the digital marketing company Stone Temple released a study in April this year. The study shows that Siri’s performance is poor. The study also supports this argument: Adobe’s study of billions of social media reviews found that Siri received the least positive feedback of all voice assistants. Adobe Digital Insights analyst Tamara Gaffney said that the performance of voice assistant is unsatisfactory. Apple Siri has dragged down the expectations of the industry as a whole. In response, Apple spokesman did not comment on this. This unfavorable situation shows that Siri may have a greater negative impact on Apple. The technology giant plans to launch a $ 349 HomePod smartphone in December, where Siri plays an important role. But a bad voice assistant is bound to have an impact on its sales.

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Apple must up its game as Siri can have a negative impact on its other products.

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