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Uber’s New Headache

Jul 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to media reports, there were rumors that Uber Group Board of Directors is in contact with Softbank, and hope to sell part of Uber’s stock to Softbank. But today, the source said Softbank does not intend to buy Uber shares.

Softbank Will Not Buy Uber’s Shares

Last week’s rumors mentioned that Uber board members and early investors headed by investment firm Benchmark were in contact with  Softbank Group to seek to sell some of the shares. At the same time, Uber’s board of directors also believed that they can further improve the relationship between investors and management after selling the company’s shares.

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Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanik, has been away for some time, and Uber has been looking for his successor. In fact, many people want to be the CEO of Uber, to help them out of the woods. With Kalanick’s past, in fact, Uber CEO is actually a thankless job, but these executives do not think so.

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After Kalanick’s departure, Uber has received a lot of letters of intent. The board of directors has also selected several candidates and conducted an interview.The question of how to lead these successors is actually how to lead Uber’s eight companies in the world, and it is clear that many candidates are eager.

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Uber has made the following requests for the new CEO: experienced, able to lead the company out of the woods; must be willing to repair the damaged corporate culture; able to deal with aggressive former CEO; facing a high risk of litigation and to respond; for the company IPO ready Consciousness is strong. Obviously, if the new Uber CEO can lead the company to complete the listing, it will undoubtedly be a great success.


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