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Toshiba Denies Sale Of Its PC Division

Nov 17, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has been struggling for a while with financial difficulties, in the summer it could have flown almost from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Since then, the company has been trying to stabilize its business.Recently it was said that it could sell its PC division to Lenovo or Asus, but Toshiba denied that.


Toshiba needs money, that’s not a question. How to do it, that is another one. Last September rumors raged about the chip division of the company, ultimately they could sell them for $ 18 billion to the US financial investor Bain Capital.

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Yesterday, the PC division of Toshiba came into play. As an interested party, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo and the Taiwanese company Asus were brought into play. Meanwhile, Toshiba let the Japanese business paper Nikkei know that they have not yet entered into negotiations.

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Toshiba probably has the fundamental intention to sell the PC division, but probably nothing changes because according to the news agency Reuters, Toshiba has signaled an intention to sell. Probably Toshiba wanted and want to probe the interest before going ahead with the sale.

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The PC division of the company is not the largest anyway since it only generates about 3.5 percent of sales here. In the half-year between April and September, Toshiba generated net sales of $ 747 million. Toshiba experienced economic difficulties following the bankruptcy of its US powerhouse subsidiary Westinghouse in March 2017, and since then the Japanese have been trying to stabilize themselves economically.


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