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Top Mistakes Bloggers are making everyday

Apr 11, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Bloggers all over the world are busy creating content for their blogs. Every serious blogger puts a lot of hard work an effort in creating a useful blog. After creation of the blog, the user wishes to get lot and lots of view for their work. Sometimes a blog becomes a hit and generate a lot of views and thus traffic for a user. Other times blog end up being a dud and after a few months the writer gets disappointed and leave the blogosphere for good. However what they do not realize is that if they have started on a good niche, their blog can do well with a little effort. Of course it is difficult to reach the heights of Pat Flynn or Neil Patel and it will require a lot of time and energy into the field if you want to be pros like these guys but your blog can easily do well enough to get you an, meagre monthly earning through your posts. Here we look at top mistakes bloggers are making, that prevents their blog from reaching to the heights that it deserve.

Top mistakes bloggers are making

Now there is no doubt about the fact can your blog can earn you a decent amount of money if you follow the basic tricks. The web is full of guidelines and ways through which we can set up and manage a blog and reading a few from renowned bloggers can easily make you understand the way in which you can successfully create and manage your blog. If it is not then you might be doing one of the top mistakes bloggers are making. As it is generally a self-learning process, bloggers end up making one or two silly mistakes that prevent their blogs from hitting the mark. So here are more common of the top mistakes bloggers are making every day.

 Not collecting Email addresses

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Mailing lists are a priceless asset and almost all the people with great blogs will tell you this. If you have a great blog, you must collect mailing lists to keep your readers updated about the blog. If you are not collecting the emails of subscribers you are making one of the top mistakes bloggers are making. Of course do not flood the inboxes of your readers with each and every tiny detail however if your website is publishing an article twice or thrice a week do mail the link it to the readers. The email must be very professional short and precise. The best thing is to mention about the topic and main gist in the subject. Because people might delete the posts without reading, but at least they will read the subject and know that there is a new article on your page.

There are ways to collect email addresses. If you simply ask the readers to enter the email to proceed or enter the email to get the updates, chances are very few people will offer to enter their email ids. The best way to entice the users into giving up their email id is offer something in return. An ebook or access to some other useful material. It may be a podcast or a video. Whatever it maybe, it must be useful to the user. What you must never do to LIE to the user. Promise something great in return of their email address but once the user give up the email, he gets something very nominal or useless in return. Also be clear to the user about what the email subscription is about and what type and frequency of emails can the users expect to get in return.

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Once you have a mailing list of at least 500, traffic will automatically come to your website after every update.

Not identifying who to market the blog to

Identifying the target audience is very important for blogging. If you are opening a fitness blog, decide from the first day whether it will be for men or women, what will be the age of people you are targeting, what will be the geographic location, whether they would be urban or rural etc.

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A blog directed to a set audience will develop a much more dedicated readership. That is because people would know that they will exactly find what they are looking for. People generally have the notion that if they blog for a wider audience it will get them greater readership but that is not always true. Blogging on micro niche is also very successful given that you provide solution and answers.

Keep yourself informed about your audience also. Run surveys and polls on your site to understand user needs. Comments are also a great way to have user feedback. Run polls about what topic to write the articles on. This will not only make you understand your audience but also make your blog strongly niche centric.

top mistakes bloggers are making

Not understanding your competition properly

This is one of the most commonly made mistake that bloggers all over the world make. You must understand that now the competition is on every niche. There is so much material online that if you try to find a niche with no competitors you would probably end up not writing at all. The better way is to know, understand and learn from your competition. There are a number of tools available that can help you find the influencers in different niches. You can analyses their sites and find which keywords in the niche are more profitable and popular.

There are a number of tools providing this facility. Alexa is one tool that will identify your competitors and send you results regarding statistics of their site. There are other great tools too like SEMrush, Similar Wed and SpyFu. Do a YouTube search about to Alexa works and you can get all the information you need about what to expect from Alexa.

Not promoting your Blog posts actively

I simply fail to understand why bloggers would not do this but it is true. Many times bloggers will write a great post, publish it and then wait for the traffic to magically pour on it. This is not how the web works. You need to actively promote your content. Start by your friends and family. Promote it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram pages. Send email to your mailing list subscribers about your new post. You can do this automatically too by installing tools that will automatically share your content on the social media once it is published on your site. When you are emailing there might be some inhibitions about not wanting to flood other people’s inbox but, on social media, you can share as much as you want. Always remember that even if content is the king, sending that content to the right audience is as much important. Another great way to promote your content is by running a great paid ad campaign in Facebook or other social media. Facebook ad campaigns are much more effective because they are great return for money. They give you good exposure to the right audience.

Going overboard with advertisement, banners or pop ups

This sometimes does happen when you have newly established a website. When the traffic is quite low and you are not getting any revenues, you might be tempted to overload your site with ads all over. This way your content, however great it maybe would suffer as it will get merged with the ads. So of course put up the ads but do not over do them at the cost of the content.

Another thing that greatly bothers the visitors but still many sites are doing this is too many banners and pop ups on the website. The popups shifts all the attention of the user to itself so sometimes site developers use this tactic to inform about something important. One or two popups throughout the site are okay but too many pop ups would make your readership run away never to some back again.

Not updating the website or posting consistently

top mistakes bloggers are making

You all must have come across blogs that were made but never developed. The blogger got bored or busy in something else. The blog had a good and constant traffic so the blogger thought why put more time and effort in something that is giving me a steady income. That is very wrong. People notice quickly when a site is not being updated. You lose half your audience when you know that there will be no updates coming anytime soon. Audience will leave you and find more updated channels.

Also it pays to be punctual. If you are going to make two posts per week, dedicate a day and time for them and then stick to that schedule no matter what. It will build the user confidence on your blog and make the users visit your website regularly for the new content.

These are some of the top mistakes bloggers are making more frequently then you would think logical or probable.

Share your experience about what you think was your silly mistake when you first started blogging? Have you been doing any of the one of the top mistakes bloggers are making?

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