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Top amazing Android Apps to rule the year 2018

Feb 19, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apps come and go. Sometimes when an app becomes hugely popular, it gains millions of downloads throughout the globe. However eventually, some newer apps with better features takes its place and this cycle continues. In this article we are going to look into Top amazing Android Apps to rule the year 2018. These are the apps currently very popular and we are expecting that they would be the ruler in the play stores at least through the better part of year 2018.

It is difficult to choose top amazing android apps from among a huge selection and it keeps getting bigger and bigger as new apps are created and uploaded on the appstore on daily basis. Here we are listing a number of apps but for ease to browse through we are dividing them up into categories according to the genre of the app. So you can skip the list to your favorite genres. In each categories we are listing two great apps, however sometimes more because of tough competition. An important thing to note here is that we are not going to give the apps that the world already know about for example we all know that Facebook is the leader in social media and CNN tops in the news category, however in our Top amazing Android Apps  list, we aim to give some great new names too for readers to explore more.

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Top amazing Android Apps to rule the year 2018

Before further ado I present to you our list of top amazing Android apps.

Top amazing Android Apps (NEWS)

The news are continuously pouring in every second, especially when there is some big event going on like elections, award shows etc. So here are two most popular news apps to keep you updated all the time.


Top amazing Android Apps

Feedly is an amazing news aggregator app that gather up news from various sources and make it available in one place. It can be customized to your interest and profession. You can add the blogs and magazines of your choice to your reading feed so you know about immediate updates from these sources. This is a great app to keep you updated about the daily happenings in the field of your interest. It is available free of cost and have a very simple and easy to understand interface. It is a must have app for those who always want to be on the top of knowledge ladder.


Top amazing Android Apps

It is a bit difficult to decide that among Feedly and Inoreader which is the better one. It is again a news aggregator that gathers up news from top newspapers, magazines and sites from all over the world. It is completely free. There are no hidden payments that pop up later. Just like Feedly there is a paid version but mostly it is free of cost and you get all the reading features for free. It has a great article tracking system also and you can always find out what you were reading through the trackers. Do try it out and you will never be short of any stuff to read. The app has 100,000 – 500,000 installs and some great reviews.

Top amazing Android Apps (Weather)

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Top amazing Android Apps

1weather is widely praised and hailed as one of the best weather apps available. Among the numerous weather apps that are available 1weather stands out as the app providing everything about weather. You can add you location to get real time weather feed of your location. You can add a custom location too to know the weather of that location all the time. You can track the weather of 12 locations. Most importantly here is a list of forecasts available as claimed through Google appstore

Hourly – 2 day / 48 Hour
Detailed – 1.5 days, detailed
Extended – 10 days
12 Week – a 1Weather app exclusive, the 12 Week PRECISONCAST from renowned meteorologist Gary Lezak. A must for planning weddings, vacations, reunions, parties, and other outdoor events! Features video and text forecasts.”


Top amazing Android Apps

Another amazing weather app, Accuweather takes weather reporting to another level. Real time local weather updates. Special travel cast plans to know about the weather of the place you are traveling to. It is available for kindle, iPhone, android as well as windows based phones. The app is very efficient and has been downloaded many millions of time and have raving reviews from thousands of users. So do give it a try if you want to know about the weather all the time.

Top amazing Android Apps (Food and cooking)

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There are so many great food apps that it is very difficult to choose the top ones. Here we are presenting three great food related apps, which are not only mouthwatering but very helpful also.


Top amazing Android Apps

Almost all great cooking apps can boost of having a great number of recipes, written or videos with detailed instructions but Yummly has even more. The recipes and videos are there but you can also create a shopping list and then directly shop for the items in the instacart. The instacart will deliver the items on your doorstep within an hour. The voice command features have also been added so you can cook freely with your hands occupied and get help from the app too.


Top amazing Android Apps

One good thing about this app is that it has been around for sometime and there are many users using it. So the ratings for recipes are quite trustable. A god rating means that probably hundreds of people have already tried this food recipe. With a simple and easy to use interface, it has the usual highlights of a great cooking app like voice commands, creating shopping lists, diet based recipe, vegan based recipes etc. Also mouth watering pictures of great food. Do try this one out even if you do not like to cook.

Chefs feed

Top amazing Android Apps

Okay enough of the recipes and cooking, if you are one who likes to dine out all the time, chefs feed is a great app for you. It app tells you about great dishes that are available in restaurants near your location. Also the dishes are recommended by top chefs so you can trust the recommendation without hesitation.

Top amazing Android (photo editing)

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Top amazing Android Apps

Instagram is also a social media app but its photo editing and filters are top notch. There is a wide range of photo editing options including adjust/crop, brighten, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt shift and sharpen. It is a photo sharing app too and you can share cool photos with your friends and family. Instagram is very addictive. Once you follow a dozen or so celebs on Instagram you can end up wasting hours looking at their photo collections. There are millions of users of Instagram including many notable celebrities so you can get a closer looks into their lives.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Top amazing Android Apps

Adobe is a name that invokes trust and interest in people. Photoshop is a name that has become synonymous to photo editing and image processing. The express version app is easy to handle with great many features. There are the features like crop, straighten, rotate, flip, color, red eye removal, hue, brightness and white balance. And Photoshop Express also has filters like Vibrant, Superpunch and Glow. Plus you can add borders and frames to the photos.


Top amazing Android Apps

You all must have heard of Prisma. It is an amazing photo editing app that takes photo editing to a whole new level. It converts your everyday photos into pieces of art. The end product is a handmade painting like effect. There are a lot of options to choose from. It turns picture in art inspired by great artists like Van Gogh, Munk, Picasso and Levitan.

Top amazing Android Apps (Reading)

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Google Play Books

Top amazing Android Apps

Although right now it is not on the same level as Amazon Kindle but it does plan to do so. Google play book has support of many e-books types. It is a free app but of course books cost money to buy them to your library. There is book rental service too. There are many options like quick skim, night mode etc. The collection of reading material is huge and everyone will find something of interest in reading. It has perks of being a Google app. You can upload the books to cloud and can reach them from anywhere. Comics book reading is very easy and efficient with Google Play Books.


Top amazing Android Apps

Another great book reading app. It can support a number of book types. It is easy to use with all the book reading apps features. Nook is being widely used around the globe. Do try it out too, if you want a good ebook reader.


Kobo books

Top amazing Android Apps

Kobo is again another very trusted name as far as e-book readers are concerned. Termed as being in the same league as kindle and Google play, it supports all the major book formats like PDF, RTF, EPUB, comics etc. there are over 5 million books currently available on Kobo with audio books option also being introduced soon. It is not device dependent and if you leave the mobile and open your account on tablet, Kobo will know from where you left off in the book. Great app for all the book lovers out there.

Top amazing Android Apps (Messaging)

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Whatsapp is another one in our top amazing android apps list. It is a great instant messaging app but it has lots of more features too. It can make you share photo or video based stories with your friends. It have video calling service too. The voice call quality is great and much better than most of the apps. Almost every one has this app so it is easy to communicate with other people through Whatsapp.

Top amazing Android Apps

Messenger by Facebook

Facebook Messenger surpassed many other messaging apps because there are so many apps and features added to it. You can play games with your friends, pay money in a group pool, organize a get together, find hangouts like restaurants and movies and join with friends to go together. So many things have become easier via the Facebook messenger.

Top amazing Android Apps

Top amazing Android Apps (Fitness and health)

Health and fitness is another hot genre and there are atleast hundreds of not thousands of app in this area. Here are our picks for the best ones.


Top amazing Android Apps

This app runs in coordination with Android Wear 2.0. It just uses the sensors in your mobile phones and keep track of your vitals like steps, runs and heart rate etc. It is again an app that will calculate your calories burnt and keep your food intake under check. The app also has a workout diary and workout routines to help you keep fit and running around. So try this out if you have Android Wear.

Daily Yoga

Top amazing Android Apps

If you are not into wearing any ad on sensors like watches or bands. Then try daily yoga. An amazing app that has a number of yoga routines. Here are some of the highlights of the app as given in the Google app store. in the app store

– 50+ Yoga class plans & workshops for Beginner to Advanced, Getting Toned and Wellness
– 500+ yoga poses with detailed voice instructions
– 200+ yoga classes with HD video updated monthly
– Multiple choices for session duration varied from 5 – 70 mins
– Stay on track with your health data
– Specially designed meditations with online coach guide
– Yoga post daily with a supportive community
– 7 languages available worldwide (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, French)

There are also relaxing music and mantras that you can hear while practicing.

This is our list of top amazing android apps. As you can see most of them are free of cost and offer a great amount of benefit and advantages. Do use these apps in your daily like to boost your quality of living and enjoy benefits.

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Of course our list of Top amazing Android Apps, is not exhaustive, there are many more great apps out there. We will be covering more apps in an another article soon to cover some categories remaining like social media, sports, finance etc. What is your favorite android app? Is it in the list? Let us know by commenting below.

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