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Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters by Times

Jul 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Video games have undoubtedly influenced our lives to a great deal. The interesting thing is that they affect the culture and social life without the barriers of countries and borders. People all around the globe get influenced by these characters in different ways. Now with the coming of game apps, movie franchises, toys and action figures, books, comics, the video game characters have become timeless and priceless. Recently times compiled a list of top 15 most influential video game characters of all time. It is an interesting list with a myriad of characters from different genres.

The list of Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters by Times gives us an interesting insight into people’s choices and preferences that has changed over a period of time. It is interesting to note how a tiny Pac-man or Tetris character can be a part of so many people’s lives. Of course we know that programmers spend years making and developing a character of video game so it is not very surprising that how they influence us without having any reality behind them. Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters by Times was recently published and is circulating all the tech sites.

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Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

So here is the Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters by Times list. Check if your favorite character made the list. Some of the contenders in the list are quite predictable and some others can be termed as surprise entrants.

15 – The Z Shaped Tetris Block

Tetris had been around when there was no existence of detailed graphics based RPGs. It has managed to keep thousands of kids and adults hooked to it for many years. Even today it has not lost its attractions and for many kids the first exposure to video games is through the brick games. The Z shaped blocks in Tetris was a revolutionary shape. This shape is really maddening when it is placed in the wrong place. Because one place is blocked because of it forever. It makes the game all the more fun and challenging. If you have spent hour playing this game, you will know what I mean.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

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14 – Diablo

Blizzard entertainment’s most harrowing character, the Diablo has been a top notch villain since its very first appearance in Diablo in 1996 to the predecessors Diablo II and Diablo III. It is a hack and slash acton based role playing game and only those who have beaten the beast completely can understand the joy of defeating this villain. It is a story set in a world replete with angels, demons and powerful being called the Nephalem.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

Do play this game if you are interested in extremely action packed RPGs.

13 – Vault Boy

He may seem to be a very simple in fact a bit comic character when compared with detailed action heros of video games of our times but much of the world renowned Fallout series video games depend upon this character. It is the mascot of the Vault Tec’s. The Vault Boy and the Pip Boy are the most recurring characters in the Fallout games. Although they are not the main players in the games but deal with the managerial tasks like Vault Boy illustrates all of the character statistics and selectable attributes. The Vault Boy models all the clothing and the weaponry too.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

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12 – Big Daddy/ Little Sisters

The beasts and their minions together, this pair of the heart of Irrational’s metaphysically harrowing BioShock games are definitely a part of every influential video games list. The big daddies are mutants imprisoned in diving suits and cannot go about on their own. So they require the services of seeming harmless and cute looking little wards, that Times refer to as Little Sisters, that carry out the most gruesome acts that masters require.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

11 – Shodan

The main antagonist in the action packed, cyber punk – horror themed System Shock games, Shodan tool the villains to a newer level. She is a formidable artificial intelligence whose moral restrictions are removed by a hacker trying to delete the files that blame him for corruption. Shodan manifests as a female cybernetic face with a menancing expression all the time. After she has been hacked, the cone turns red, the surface shatters and four “tentacles” or “claws” grow from the top, with her actual face starting to form above that.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

10 – Solid Snake

Turning back to protagonist as compared to antagonists, Solid Snake might seem to be the name of the villain but he is the hero in the Metal Gear games. He is a highly trained and skilled soldier who is meticulously trained in espionage and stealth. His main mission is destroying the bipedal nuclear mecha called the metal gear in the game.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

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9 – Scorpion

Another great entry in the Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters. A villain whose violence and gore triggered up the need to have a video game ratings system. Scorpion is the main antagonist in the Mortal Kombat series. Of all the ruthless cold blooded murderers in the series Scorpion is the most difficult one. It has gained such a status that there are legions of people forming its hate club.

8 – The Sims

The sims is the game that can help you design cities, countries, worlds etc. The game gives you so much power and authority. It can be simulations of reality based games like the second life as well as games involving virtual reality based life like the Altspace VR. There are no winners and losers in the game. The main thing is the social relationship that are forged during the game. There are a number of Sims worlds and you can choose the one that you inspire to live in as a virtual life. However the main thing is to find the balance between your sims life and your real life.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

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7 – Master Chief

Master Chief is widely popular and loved and admired protagonist of the Halo series developed by Bungie Studio. Later it was managed by a Microsoft Subsidiary. Microsoft, whose Xbox brand banks heavily on the Chief’s celebrity to sell games and consoles banks heavily on it. It is an intense action packed game.


6 – Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is the most loved and addictive video game character and is rightly a strong contender in our Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters. Sonic popularized the video game genre among kids and young adults. It is a great game for parents looking for violence and gore free gaming experience for their underage children. It was developed in the 1980s by Sega, to meet the rival Nintendo’s highly popular Mario Series aimed at young crowd. It has a number of cute and lovable characters like Tails, Crash Bandicoot, Jim, Bugsby and Conker the Squirrel. The best part of the sonic series was that its very easy learning curve which made it accessible to kids of all ages around the globe.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

5 – Link        

Link is the selfless protagonist of The Legends of Zelda Series. His uniqueness is his ability to reincarnate. In each series he is reincarnated with no memory of the past powers and abilities. Link will go in perilous quests just to save people who are close to him that primarily include Princess Zelda.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

4 – Pikachu

The cute and furry, yellow little creature with little shinning red cheeks and a zigzag tail that looks like forever under the influence of an electric current is Pikachu and is the face behind the multi-billion dollar Pokémon franchise. The Pokemon video game has spawned TV series, movies, toys, comics, books and what not. The Pokemon series has 20 seasons and its appeal fail to die with time. Collecting the unique and cute Pokemon cards is the pass time for kids all over the world. The mega hit game Pokemon GO became the biggest sensation of last year.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

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3 – Pac – Man  

Pac-man when first came, it took the gaming world with a storm. People easily spent hours trying to get past the simple and straight forward yet difficult to accomplish different levels of the video game. Pan-man is a single strategy game. You just need to eat up all the diamonds and protect yourself from the ghosts. Some say that the shape of Pac-man was inspired by a pizza missing a slice. Whatever the inspiration behind the game maybe there is no doubt that this game that made a timeless appeal to the users.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

2 – Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the main Protagonist of the Tomb Raider Series that was developed by Square Enix. She is presented as a highly intelligent, athletic, and beautiful English archeologist-adventurer who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world. She is the first mainstream female video game character to be given a lot of background story and has an action packed role other than the damsel in distress role. Croft has been voiced by six actresses in the video game series: Shelley Blond (1996), Judith Gibbins (1997–98), Jonell Elliott (1999–2003), Keeley Hawes (2006–14), Camilla Luddington (2013–present) and Abigail Stahlschmidt (2015). The franchise also has two high profile Lara Croft movies where the protagonist is portrayed by Angelina Jolie and filmed in exotic locales.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

1 – Peach

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

Naming Peach as the top most influential video game character in the list does make us wonder whether there was pun intended here. Which probably was. Nintendo’s most loved and widely adored by young and old both, Mario series games are topping the list. Princess Peach is the most harmless character in the series and most of the games center around Mario trying to save the Princess from the clutches of the evil protagonist. She has appeared in about 99 games and has been kidnapped at least 34 times. Most of her dialogs center around cries of help. After being criticized as the stereotypical damsel in distress character, she became the main playable character in the Super Princess Peach also.

Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters

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Whether Princess Peach deserves to top the list of Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters or not might be debate able but there is no doubt that Mario games do deserve to be on the top of most loved and widely played video games.

So this was the Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters list from times.

What do you think about this Top 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters list? Is your favorite video game character in the list? Let us know by commenting below.



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