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Top 103 Most Searched Keywords On Google For Technology Blog

Oct 18, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


What are they? Why are they vital? Why are they crucial to the achievement of your blog or article? Why do we need to know about them? So what exactly are keywords!!!
Answer to all that question is, keyword are those which occur in your context more often that make it possible for other people to find your site or blog via search engines.Also Read What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization?

Keyword is the major key for a successful blog or a website.The structure of your website depends on the keyword that people are attracted to. Appropriate use of keywords is really essential and to find one, a lot of research is needed because we can simply distract the mind of the user by using keywords which are not related to the topic. The Google Ad Words Keyword tools offer great tools that allow you to find keywords related to your topic.

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Chose your keywords precisely!

Using long-tail keyword is more efficient as visitors usually search for long terms.Long-tail keyword consist of three and four keyword phrases which are very very specific and easy for users to search such as (” Top 103 Most Searched Keywords On Google For Technology Blog ”). Now that you have targeted some valuable keywords it’s time to incorporate them into your blogs.

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Now that we know what keywords are let’s start discussion about top most searched keywords on google for technology blog.

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Billions of quests are directed every day on well known web crawlers and long range informal communication sites by individuals all around the globe. Be that as it may, what precisely do these individuals look for? Various real web crawlers give an approach to witness into the web’s inquiry stream to find the most mainstream hunt patterns, keywords, and themes.
How do people search for top keywords on google for technical blog and most trending words? people love utilizing search engines, yet what do they look for? Here are the most ideal approaches to find the most prominent subjects, watchwords and drifting stories , there are many platforms to search words,let’s discuss some of them such as Google trends, Bing trends, YouTube trends, Twitter search etc.


GOOGLE TRENDS:Google trends: Top 103 Most Searched Keywords On Google For Technology Blog

Permits you to take advantage of Google’s database to figure out which keywords are generally well known. View the volume of inquiry questions after some time (following 2004) worldwide or by districts and sub regions, by dialects, classifications, and other proper tier. Analyze numerous terms, also. Offers a rundown of what is trending now in Hot Searches.


Gives bits of knowledge into prevalent recordings in light of watchwords and video views. Drifting Topics are algorithmic ally-created subjects from catch phrases in the title, labels, and description of the video inside arrangements of recordings that are as of now ascending in notoriety. Drifting recordings depend on installed video views and views on YouTube.


Permits you to see what peoples and users are discussing on Twitter by keyword, hashtag, or user name. Propelled look has numerous elements, notable is the utilization of emoticons to discover tweets with particular attitude, for instance, pitiful emoticon speaks to negative mentality.


Keywords recommendations for terms you enter with month to month search volume on YouTube. As one of the biggest web crawlers, this keyword rundown will uncover important bits of knowledge with respect to how individuals scan when they are searching for video media particularly, as opposed to general internet search engine questions.


Before we jump into the individual inquiry keywords and/or expressions, how about we begin off with the general discoveries from the current year’s study that what are the most search words or sites:
The top 10 most google searches have not changed much in 2 years. This google chart can help

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top-10-searches Top 103 Most Searched Keywords On Google For Technology Blog

So, here are top 103 most searched keyword on google for technical keywords that are trending and get higher rank in google search engine :

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1. Web seo optimization
2. SEO
3. FREE WordPress themes
4. Premium WordPress themes
5. WordPress SEO plugin
6. Search plugin WordPress
7. SEO for WordPress
8. SEO best practices
9. SEO plugins for WordPress
10. Best blog sites
11. Best blogging sitessearch engine: Top 103 Most Searched Keywords On Google For Technology Blog
12. Data recovery software
13. Free WordPress themes
14. Free SEO tools
15. SEO tools free
16. Free SEO
17. Search engine
18. Engine optimizer
19. Optimization of a blog
20. Tutorial on SEO

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As you probably are aware Ad Words keywords are vital for your site to build winning and Google Search Engine rank.
And some searches that are actually with the keyword technology: social media - Top 103 Most Searched Keywords On Google For Technology Blog
21. Technology information
22. Technology news
23. Technology design
24. Technology software
25. Advanced technology
26. Future technology
27. System technology
28. Technical engineering
29. Technology books
30. Technology blogs

Some other searches that are also trending and are most searched words it may not sound technical but they are most searched words on google:

31. Weather
32. Maps
33. News
34. Calculator
35. Speed tests
36. map
37. Games
38. Social security
39. YouTube converter
40. Cars
41. Direction
42. Weather NYC
43. Weather of Mexico
44. BMI calculator
45. Speed test
46. 2015 calendar
47. Weather forecast

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So, did you guys notice one thing that there are several keywords that are on repeat but with some additional words, just like weather. Who knew weather would be that much popular?

48. Craigslist
49. Hotmail
50. Yahoo mail
51. eBay
52. Amazon
53. Google maps
54. Yahoo mail
55. Facebook login
56. Best buy
57. Home depot
58. Verizon Wireless
59. R&B technology
60. Technology Facebook
61. pthc
62. Hotmail
63. Facebook lite
64. Facebook flex
65. back page
66. Facebook account hacker
67. map of world
68. maple leaf
69. map current location
70. map download
71. map direction
72. keywords in java
73. keywords research
74. keyword for SEO
75. keywords bidding
76. blogger
77. craigslist
78. cars
79. ESPN
80. Wikipedia
81. fox news
82. aol.com
83. nudist
84. search engines
85. apps
86. algorithms
87. how a search engine works
88. examples of a search engine
89. Boolean operators
90. e-commerce search engines
91. silicon valley
92. google translate
93. BBC news live
94. SEO keyword analyzer
95. Samsung cell phones
96. Cell phones for free
97. Webtoon
98. G market
99. Anti virus
100. Norton antivirus
101. Social media marketing
102. Top most searched keywords on google
103. Popular searches of keywords on google

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To find keywords that apply directly directly to your business writing or website than these keywords will definitely help you.
What keywords on the list stood out as particularly interesting to you and does this blog help you ??? Let us know by your feedback. Thank you !

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