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Top 10 Amazing Bloggers Expected To Rule 2017

May 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Blogging is although a very rewarding business nowadays but it does have its merits and demerits. It is a tricky field to be in as the competition is break neck and in order to reach the top the measures that you need to take are cumbersome and confusing. In this article we provide a list of top 10 amazing bloggers.

Now what do I mean by saying that the process is cumbersome and confusing? Well the formula to do great is simple, make your blog rise to come up to the top of the search engine results page, well this is simple enough but how to do it that is the main challenge because no one knows how the very secret Google algorithm works exactly and we cannot really predict that what rank would it assign to your page. Of course over the years people have mastered up enough knowledge to develop the branch of SEO to great extent that makes your content to rank higher in the SERP. But because of the sudden updates in the search engine algorithms and new content constantly being added on the net, it is quite unpredictable where your page will stand in a few months.

There are many online resources to learn and master SEO from. There are blogs, ebooks, online courses, podcasts and a number of other things to learn from but the best thing in my opinion is to read a lot of blogs from famous and successful bloggers. These are the Pros who have proven that they are Search engine’s favorite. In fact it will be more appropriate to say that they know how to be in the search engine’s good books.

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Here we provide a comprehensive list of top 10 amazing bloggers that are expected to rule the blogosphere in the year 2017. Please remember this is our list to predicted 2017 rulers. You might not agree with it but I am sure there is a tremendous amount of stuff to be learnt from these great bloggers.

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Top 10 Amazing Bloggers To watch for in the year 2017

Neil Patel – The Genius Blogger

top 10 amazing bloggers

Neil Patel is a genius in the blogging world a prodigy who is quite well known because of his immensely helpful and humble nature. Why have we given him the number one spot in our list. Well here is what the world has to say about neil and his work.

  • New York Times Best selling author
  • Among Top 10 Marketers, Forbes
  • Created a company that is among World Top 100 great companies, Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Among United Nations Top 100 entrepreneurs.

And if all this is not a testament enough, here is a look at his blog earning, that he is frank enough to share with the world.

top 10 amazing bloggers

That is how much he earns from one of his blogging site and he is the owner of more amazing online projects. He is the co-founder of crazy egg, kissmetrics and Hello bar. According to the latest update his blog receives 195,013 unique visitors every month.

The great thing is that Neil is more than happy to help other people achieve the same amount of success. He gives free Webinars that have so much information that it is a wonder that it is free for everyone. (You just need to give your email). His blog is an immense treasury about tips and tricks about blogging, content marketing, online marketing, entrepreneurship and all the other marketing techniques and tactics.

top 10 amazing bloggers

Why is his blog so successful? Because Neil genuinely wants to give out people information. There are no tricks here that you have to pay in order to get any real useful or important information. No, Neil believes in helping other by sharing his experience and knowledge and then see how the web pays him in the end. One thing that makes his blog posts stand out is his immense grip on language and ability to explain things in a simple manner that is easily understandable to everyone. For example here is my personal experience I tried to learn about content marketing from the Wikipedia and a couple of other online resources but could not get much but one read through Neil’s Blog on content marketing and I really felt like a pro on the subject. So if you really want to understand anything about marketing or blogging Neil Patel is your one stop destination.

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Sol Orwell – The Top Rebel Blogger

top 10 amazing bloggers

Sol Orwell is the owner if 8 great and happening websites. Here is what the Smart Passive Income has to say about Sol Orwell in their blog post that sings praises of him.

Sol’s built his career across a dizzying number of spaces. He’s a master at building authority in a niche, identifying community pain points, and crafting businesses that meet those urgent needs

top 10 amazing bloggers

However Sol is not an average blogger. In fact he is one who likes to breaks stereotypes about blogging and marketing. He is a straight forward guy who stand no nonsense. His blog is a great place to visit as it is full of amazing content that has been created beautifully keeping the general audience in view. His niche is blogging and marketing. His latest promising project, that has already been garnering more than 70000 views per day is about vitamins and supplements and how they effect on their body. A number of useful and intelligible posts are available on the website blog to help the user understand the project completely before they buy the product or make an investment in it. do visit his page to get the most out of the blog. here are some top posts from his blog www.sjo.com.

Why have I called him a rebel blogger, well here are Orwell’s own words.

Having a one-time launch of $50,000 does not make you a guru, nor does making $2k/mo from your websites make you a passive income genius, nor does getting 2000 visitors a day to your site make you some kind of traffic genius.”

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Ramit Sethi – Amazing Blogger

top 10 amazing bloggers

Of course the niche about how to make money online is an extremely popular niche. In fact the niche related to money are always popular, but there is a tremendous amount of competition in the niche like all the other popular categories. So how does Ramit Sethi made his mark in the niche to become an authority. Ramit Sethi’s blog is not just about making money online, it will make you change your relationship with money completely. He is a pure genius when it comes to the matter of money. He is the New York Times bestselling author and more than 1,000,000 people have visited his blog and read his posts. His blog iWillTeachyoutoberich is full of amazing insights related to financial issues that everyone faces.

His latest venture the growth lab is helping as well as motivating people to build online businesses and utlize their full potential. Here are a couple of his viral posts that everyone must read.

You want to know more about Ramit Sethi, here are a couple of his interviews that can be found online.

Ryan Biddulph – the catchy and attractive posts blogger

top 10 amazing bloggers

Okay so when the tagline of your blog is as attractive this

“Retire to a life of island hoping through smart blogging”

People are bound to hit your blog. Ryan Biddulph is another blogging genius who teaches us the tricks of the trade while hoping from one great geographical location to another. He is currently enjoying the beauty of Chiang Mai, Thailand and earning money for his expenses via his mega block buster blog www.bloggingfromparadise.com.

Ryan is a true rags to riches stories and has a strong lesson to never give up and keep on trying. Ultimately your efforts will pay off. The blog is about blogging tips and Ryan taked us on tour of different parts of the world too along with himself.

One thing that immediately will catch your eye while going through his blog is that almost all the posts have very catchy unconventional titles.

There are a number of e-books available in the content library of the blog again with catchy titles like How to become an influencer blogger in six months or less and From overworked security guard to balling in the ball: How I did this?. Here are a couple of great posts from Ryan that you can surely learn a lot from.

As Ryan has worked his way from very low to now very high, he has seen and he understands all the ups and downs of blogging. That is why he posts are insightful, full of leaning and informative. So he is a rightful contender for our list of top 10 amazing bloggers.

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Emile Wapnick – the amazing blogger

top 10 amazing bloggers

When you plan to start a blog the first step that everyone recommends is to select a blog niche. It can be a micro or a macro niche but the main thing is that the blog must focus on a singular theme and subject. However Emile Wapnick completely defies this norm. She believes that people can have more than one true callings so the blogs need to be diverse and can focus on more than one niche or idea. So what is the secret of her success? As told earlier it is the diversity and the newness something that you do not see in many blogs that are around.

Uniqueness bodes well with the audience. They are always happy if they get something new and interesting to fall off too.

Sujan Patel – Top versatile blogger

Another great blog is that of Sujan Patel. He also shares tech related subjects. He is again a very highly rank able article and is definitely among top 10 amazing bloggers.

Here are some very nice posts from Sujan Patel’s blog. Like all popular blogs Sujan write for common people. You do not need to be a software engineer to understand the posts content.

Do go through her blog posts to learn a number of new and innovative things about blogging.

Alexis Grant Among The Top 10 Amazing Bloggers

top 10 amazing bloggers

Alexis Grant is another amazing blog writer. She has been blogging for a long time but she is still in our list for 2017 also because of her latest (and probably greatest) venture the write life. Her original blog is also working great and you can reach her through that. She is a great content marketer in additional to being a great blogger.

In 2015, her content marketing company was acquired by Taylor Media, the company behind the popular The Penny Hoarder blog. She became the Executive Editor, running the editorial side of the company. In 2016, the site was named the #1 fastest-growing private media company by Inc. 500.

Here are some great posts by Alexis Grant.

·     Hiring at a Startup: How We Managed to Go From 3 Employees to 55 in Just 18 Months

·     What Being a Working Mom is Really Like

She also likes to write on a diverse range of topics. From parenting to blogging tips, her posts are entertaining and a lot of fun apart from always giving some information or fruit for thought. Do visit her blog for a great insight.

Brian Dean – The blogging guru, master of backlinks

top 10 amazing bloggers

Brian Dean of backlinko is a superhero of blogging undoubtedly. He is undoubted the greatest contender for the top 10 amazing bloggers to watch out for in 2017. Backlinko has been around for quite some time now but the venture just refuses to give way to any other blog. It will always be on the top among SERP whenever you look out for something related to SEO, content marketing, tech tips and tricks. It has some extremely great ways through which you can get backlinks to your site. Companies like Apple, IBM, Disney are among the clients of backlinko and have greatly benefitted from the amazing SEO hacks that Brian is also ready to share with us through his blog.

As far as the professional help is concerned, definitely Dean has helped a number of big names, but the blog posts that this amazing blogger has incorporated in his web page are priceless and have benefitted millions of users from across the globe. He has also inspired many startups in the field of blogging. If you are planning on setting up a blog with monetary benefit in mind, do give a good read to his blog. even if money is not your main goal, there is much for you to learn on his amazing blog that is among top 10 amazing bloggers.

Pat Flynn – Well known blogger

top 10 amazing bloggers

Pat Flynn has also been around for quite sometime, but still he is a very strong contender for the list of top 10 amazing bloggers to look out for in the year 2017. Smart Passive Income is the blog site of Pat Flynn that has amazing stats related to web traffic and daily unique visitors. What can I say about his traffic generation strategies, here is look at his last months earnings. It is really the sole testament to his amazing talent. Nothing more is required to be said after this monumental earning report.

top 10 amazing bloggers

Pat is known to be very helpful and promptly replies to the queries posted in his blog especially if someone needs any help.

Paul Jarvis – Top unique blog writer

top 10 amazing bloggers

Another great contender for a spot on our list of top 10 amazing bloggers. Paul Jarvis has a unique and distinguished writing style. Paul has also been helping newbie bloggers to gain strong foothold in the blogosphere and gain recognition just like he himself did. His blog is again a great inspiration and motivation for people to increase their blogging potential.

So people here is our comprehensive top 10 amazing bloggers to look out for in the year 2017. Of course this list still does not include some great names and we hope to write on the next top 10 amazing bloggers soon too. Till then you can enjoy the huge collection of blog posts from these famous bloggers and learn a lot.

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Have we missed your favorite blogger? Do tell us whom do you like to read about most and who is in you top 10 amazing bloggers list? Share your views by commenting below.


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