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Time for reformation (elections)?

Mar 8, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

India, The world’s largest democracy was able to choose yet another parliament successfully. With 820 million voters registered and an almost 2 months long election process broken down in phases – the elections had a remarkable turnout of 66%. Ascertaining that the Indian democracy (In a country where militancy, separatism and regionalism prevailed) was still intact and working.

Congress faced the worst defeat in the history of India, and a number of regional parties were completely wiped out of the assembly. Yet surprisingly, no one has had to raise fingers at the election commission. India has been successful in developing one of the most effective election commissions, that commendable conducts elections through an electronic machine system  where your thumb impression is your vote (Which of course, is unique for each individual) and leaves no room for malpractices. There are no allegations of a “thappa mafia” or “polling station hijacking” or “Broken seals of the vote bags”. Neither is the returning officers appointment questioned (as it is in Pakistan).

Pakistan has just 85 million voters. That makes just 10% of the Indian voters. Yet shamefully, we are stuck in a turmoil where even after a year of polls, the government in power was not recognized, the election commission and the judiciary were and are still being pointed fingers at and a huge “Azaadi march” was followed by a record long dharna – leaving the country almost blocked over the aforementioned allegations.

It is about time we adopt the Indian model, allowing the commission to be powerful and independent and leaving no room for accusation and subsequent marches to follow. What we need is a credible election commission- that lets the Pakistani people choose their leaders and make decisions about Pakistan’s future, which at present with all the malpractices looks dark.

It is heart-wrenching to see that the country that came into existence after such struggle of our ancestors. Has been left in the hands of avaricious politicians, who are ready to trade every bit of our homeland in return for wealth that will never be enough to fulfill their hunger. It is painful to see that a country that has such capable and bright youngsters has been handed over to incompetent individuals pursuing their own interests. It is distressing to know that a country with so many resources and such a strong culture is today known largely for the corruption that prevails in its institutes.

We need a reformation to salvage our homeland from a horrible fate.

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