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Time to Bid Adieu to Windows Vista?

Mar 19, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you use Vista, there is a bad news for you. Microsoft is done with Windows Vista and it is planning  to part ways. Vista wasn’t received well after its release and today only about 1% devices have Windows Vista. It does not make sense for Microsoft to hold on to Vista any longer. People prefer to use the latest versions of operating systems, not old and outdated ones.

Microsoft is done with Windows Vista!

Microsoft is going to kill windows vista. It is there 10 years old operating system.After April 11, Microsoft will end support for Vista, which means customers will no longer get important security or software updates.Microsoft has given support to Windows Vista for the last 10 years, but they have decided to invest their resources towards newer technologies so that they can continue to deliver new experiences. The company announced this on their website. This is bad news for windows vista loyalists, if there are any. But it is always a better idea to upgrade and use an os that is compatible with software and hardware updates.

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Will Computers With Vista Still Work?

Yes, but it will probably be more vulnerable to viruses because Microsoft is not providing any new security updates. Inernet Explorer 9 is not supported any longer, so surfing the internet with this browser will also expose you to risks.  This means if you still stick to Vista, you will experience many problems. It is better to switch to a modern os. Microsoft also said that users might find applications and devices that will not work with microsoft Vista. This is because manufacturers of software and hardware optimize services for the latest version of Windows.

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What Should Your Next Step Be?

Microsoft’s latest OS (Operating System) is called Windows 10. One option is upgrading to it, and this is the one microsoft would prefer.Some personal computers might not be able to handle Microsoft 10. Users will be required to check the specifications of the software and the hardware they have.  Upgrading to Windows 7 is also an option.

windows vista

Should you keep it or part ways to?

This operating system was critiscized soon after it was released from users and media. Vista currently has less than 1 percent market share in terms of computer operating systems.
Microsoft has since released more versions, and Windows 10 is performing well. More than r00 million devices have Windows 10.

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Which operating system do you use? Have you ever used Vista? Are you willing to let go of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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