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Three Reasons For Doing Masters From Australia

Jan 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


If you are thinking to do masters from Australia you are going on a right path securing your future, leading you to success and ease of life after few years. After completing the bachelor’s degree there are three options,

1) Job

2) Masters

3) Business

Only a small percentage of students opt for the third option over job or Masters. This is not only seen in Pakistan, but majority students worldwide consider these options. In Pakistan over 10,000 foreign students’ visas are granted each year as per Wikipedia,  in which there is a majority that chooses Australia for their Masters.

This Excel file (Australian university information) shows the top 10 Universities in Australia, their minimum admission requirement, fee rates and all other necessary details that one look for when deciding a university. These are average data that we have collected, before you apply please make sure you visit the respective website. However, this data is pretty accurate for students planning to do Master’s in Engineering from Australia.

Universities in Australia and their requirements

As you can see Australia can be quite expensive, with two years average fee of $ 40,000 plus accommodation that is approx $ 20,000 to $ 40,000 depending on your living standard so before you apply make sure you know everything.


English Proficiency Proof Requirement in Australia


IELTS is accepted in worldwide, so whether you are planning for Australia or any other country make sure you have a decent score in IELTS. 6.5 to 7 is considered a decent score and you are eligible for maximum degree and courses. There are a few fields that require a high band of 8 or 9, like journalism or Masters in English so make sure you check your course requirement before you apply.

Other accepted certificates are TOFEL, CAE and CPE. It is recommended to check in detail the requirements of the course you are applying for, there are chances that you might be exempted from it if your university is recognized by the university you are applying in or if you belong to a country where the official language is English.


Bank Balance Required for Admission in Australia

Bank balance is required to make sure you can afford the fees and living in Australia. Before you apply, make sure your sponsor has a minimum of $50,000 in his/her account maintained for at least past three months. Saving certificates and price bonds are also counted. If you are borrowing it from a friend or Aunty, make sure you don’t make a sudden deposit of $50,000 , do in parts. As far as your sponsor is concerned, only blood relative can be your sponsor, like father, mother, brother, sister. Keep in mind you can not show a commercial account.

Minimum Income for Applying in Australia

When you have this much cash, you need a proper logical justification for it and your sponsor should be able to show around $3,000 per month income so this saving is justifiable. Rent and income through agriculture land all can be included to make a sum of $3,000.

GPA/Result requirement for Universities in Australia

In Australia, result requirement is pretty low, but remember qualifying through minimum result requirement doesn’t guarantee your admission. Majority University requires only a bachelor’s degree, few require 65% or 3.0 GPA (on a scale of 4) or so. It’s a plus point if you have a good GPA, you might be eligible for any scholarship or awards, but that is for students having GPA 3.5 and above ( 85%+).

Why consider Australia for Masters?

1) Ease of Admission in Australia

In Australia, admission is comparatively easy as compared to other countries as they are trying to get international students. That is also a major source of their revenue.

2) Visa and Immigration Policy in Australia

Exciting point about Australia is, its Visa policy is comparatively lenient as compared to USA and UK. That’s not all, after completing your masters degree, there is a policy that allows you to work for 2 years, and once you have spend 5 years in Australia you are eligible for their  citizenship/PR.

3) Earning Opportunities in Australia

 opportunity for students in australia


Students get to work 20 hours a week during their semester, whereas they do not have hour limitations in their vacations. Considering this, student utilize this time he can earn approx $ 30,000 in one year.

Students can work 20 hours in a week, for 12 weeks of their semester time, whereas they can work 12 hours a day (84 hours a week) or more in their vacations, which is for 12 weeks, so in a year he can save $30,000. It can easily be concluded students do odd jobs to support their education fully.

It is recommended to do night jobs in Australia as it pays more, normally odd jobs pay you around $12 an hour in Australia, but night jobs can pay $ 24 or more. It is also suggested to get some technical courses and experience before going to Australia, such as plumbing, carpentry, or welding as they are highly paid jobs, and students with weak financial background can pursue their education in Australia easily. Furthermore, they can send some cash home also to support their family.

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