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The watermelon diet to lose weight

Apr 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As obvious by the name, the watermelon diet requires you to replace your daily meals with watermelon and lose weight in just a few days. The diet is unique as unlike other diet plans, it does not just help lose weight but since watermelons are great antioxidants, they help cleanse your body naturally and so remove all sorts of toxic substances and impurities. The results? You don’t just lose weight but also get a beautiful, younger looking skin. At the same time, the diet protects you from any sort of infection, keeping both your body as well as your mind healthy. Another benefit of the diet is that it is relatively inexpensive and you can start seeing the results of your hard work and investment only in one or two days.

The secret behind the working of this diet is the watermelon’s composition. Watermelon is perhaps the only food which is made up of more than 90% water. So eating it gives you a sense of filling your stomach, without actually gaining any calories or fats. But what you need to remember is that the importance of exercise is equal to healthy eating. So try to walk or exercise for at least fifteen minutes a day, and drink as much water as you can to get the most benefits out of your diet plan.

Another thing you must remember is that since this diet involves eating only a single type of product, you should not extend it for more than a week at a time as this might lead to malnutrition. Also if you suffer from any medical conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure, then it is recommended that you start a diet plan based on the suggestions of your nutritionist.

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The first step of the diet plan involves skipping all sugary drinks, including fruit juices and replacing them either with water or you could go for watermelon juice. The watermelon juice simply involves blending the watermelons in a blender and then straining out the seeds. The refreshing drink will keep you fresh and hydrated through out the day.


Replace one of your meals, preferably dinner with watermelon. Also try to control the amount of carbohydrates and fats in your breakfast and lunch to get the best results. If you feel hungry at any time of the day then instead of going for snacks, eat some watermelon as this will trick your brain into controlling the food cravings while keeping the calorie level in control.


Once you have developed enough willpower, try replacing two meals a day with watermelons. You can eat as much watermelon as you want, as long as you avoid the foods rich in fats and calories.

So start trying the watermelon diet today and in no time, you will get your desired body weight. Apart from losing weight, the plan will ensure that your energy level is not compromised and that you continue to look young and beautiful.

If you have any quires i would love to answer them in comments below. Also read “Best summer foods to help lose weight

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