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The secret key to lose weight

May 6, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In my earlier posts I discussed some of the foods which can help you lose weight   while maintaining your health and beauty. But in today’s post I shall be discussing an even more important step on the road to lose weight. This secret key to losing weight is to stay happy and I believe that unless you do that, you can not achieve your desired weight. The reason behind this is that once we start dieting or exercising with the hopes of losing weight, our entire focus gets to be on counting the number of calories we are eating or the calories we are burning, the foods which are right for our diet plan and those which are wrong and so on. Our entire life starts revolving around our weight loss program and pretty soon all our time and energy becomes focused on the food based thoughts. The problem with this is that once you become this obsessed, you will no longer be able to enjoy your life and every thing seems dull and boring. When you are on a diet, your energy level is already low which makes you lazier and once you stop enjoying your life, it only takes a little time or some emotional trigger which breaks all your will power and you start eating more than before.

lose weight

So the solution to all this is that in your attempts to lose weight, you don’t stop enjoying the non-food based happiness and joys of your life. So stop focusing on counting every calorie you eat but instead try and focus on enjoying every moment of your life.

There are a number of ways you can do this, for example, start by taking up a new hobby. Think about something which you used to love doing but over the years you lost track. It could be reading, writing, gardening, cycling or even playing your favourite games. Start trying to make these hobbies a part of your present life and this will not just keep you happy but also relieve your brain of the dieting stress. Similarly, you should try and make your every day activities more fun. Like if you are doing laundry, combine it with something you enjoy like listening to your favourite songs and turn this dull activity into a fun one.

So the sooner you start living a happier life, the sooner you’ll start to lose weight.


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