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The most expensive smartphones available in 2016 so far…

Aug 8, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Who doesn’t crave a luxurious lifestyle? And how best to show it than holding a smartphone that is approximately worth an entire apartment.  Nothing says “I live lavishly” better than carrying a standout piece in your hand studded with diamonds, marbles or leather.

In this market of high flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Edge, iPhone 6+, HTC 10 among many others like LG and Nokia, standing out is a bit hard as of its millions of users all over the world. This problem has been fixed by the US Science and Technology Network Business Insider as it let’s people with a few extra grands exclusively standout in that crowd of millions.

Although the problem still persists for all iOS lovers as the phones we are about to mention are all built on Android and Apple has not yet authorized iOS to be open for smartphone manufacturers. These phones have approximately the same kinds of features as all the other high flagship phones, what makes them standout are their extravagant look and stylish appearance.

  1. Goldvish Eclipse with diamonds and black alligator skin

Price: US $ 36,655

Goldvish in Switzerland is not new in producing lush smartphones, their previous models have had alligator skinned external body , are figuratively around 6-8 G’s . What makes this set stick out is the embossed diamonds frame that takes  the price range to a whopping five figures.  Not just luxury cravers but also people for fine taste in jewelry art might adore the 18-karat work of diamonds in this handset.

Goldvish Eclipse with diamond and black alligator skin Goldvish-Eclipse

  1. Vertu New Signature Touch with Sky Blue calf leather

Price: US $ 19,800

Not only Vertu comes in a Sky Blue quilted leather, (which is their signature design),it is accompanied with a 24-hour custodian, Vertu assistant service . The screen is and up to sapphire crystal and is so resilient that is can only be scratched by a hard diamond. Other artistic features of this phone include: the shining polished Titanium body, red-gold detailing, black ceramic pillow.

vertu front Vertu_Sky_Blue_ vertu back

  1. Sirin Solarin Crystal White Carbon DLC

Price: US $ 15,900

Core feature of this device? SECURITY.

Consists military grade device features that enables encryption of calls, messages and other delicate user information. Undivided focus on privacy and targeting hackers, makes the features of this device as good as the looks of it. Designed for VIPs or the ultra-secretive, this phone is made with white leather exterior with carbon texture, embedded with classy black diamonds .

Analysis show, that Sirin Solarin has the best camera in daylight, excellent screen, booming speakers  and the fastest WiFi speed which makes data backing and media streaming much more effortless.

Sirin Solarin sirin solarin

  1. Gresso Regal Gold

Price: US $ 6,000

Gresso’s Regal Gold model is built with 18-karat gold body exterior is just enough to sway you away at the first glance. The thickness is only 8.8 mm which make sit the company’s slimmest smartphone and the case if made of grade 5 solid titanium plate. The company claims that each piece takes about 8 hours of hard labor in the making.

gresso regal gold phone gresso regal gold

  1. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri

Price: US $ 5,250

The Tonino Lamborghini Tauri is available in Gold, Black or plain steel colors) and leather (a choice of Black, Blue, Red, Orange and Brown.  A fantastic HD 1080p screen resolution 3GB of RAM, 64GB of built-in expandable storage makes the phone standout as is, and apart from that the leather and steel on the phone makes it even more desirable. Released in 2014, the phone is still demanding among high worth individuals.

tonino lamgourghini 88 Tonino-Lamborghini-88-Tauri

  1. Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble

Price : US $ 3,100

The Canadian company mobiado, refers to their creations as “precision mobile instruments” rather than just smartphones. What makes it so? Is the high-end mechanism and the first to be made from a stone hybrid material.

Yellow sandal wood, ebony and granite make this phone super heavy but it also shows athe fearlessness of the phone makers which has paid off by the sense of grace and beauty the phone gives away.

mobiado grand touch marble Mobiado-Grand-Touch


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