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Surface Phone by Microsoft: Further leaks

Apr 3, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Reports have been coming, about Microsoft being ready to make a huge mark in the cellphone manufacturing industry. There will be drastic changes in the new cellphone design that Microsoft plans to release. Now there has been some confirmation about certain characteristics of the upcoming and claimed to be revolutionary, surface phone by Microsoft.

If you are intrigued by the name ‘Surface’, let us help you by reminding, surface is a line of highly powerful devices designed by Microsoft. There are five main types of surface devices, including surface, surface Pro, Surface Studio, Surface Hub and Surface Book. These are all touch screen devices with high speed processors. The devices can be connected to accessories that make them functional like a desktop.

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surface phone

Now Microsoft plans to develop a mobile phone that is as powerful as these surface devices. The devices are called surface because of being able to stand alone on the surface. A mobile phone with such quality will be unique in its own way.

Here are some additional rumors circulating regarding the release of Surface Phone

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Surface Phone Specs

  • It will be powerful, may be not like a desktop but comparable to a notebook pro.
  • The device Microsoft has been planning to build may fold out to be a tablet or even a notebook.
  • Will be attachable to accessories like smart keyboard.
  • A partnership between Qualcomm and Microsoft to have Windows 10 devices powered by ARM processors paves the way to a Surface Phone.
  • Will be released early next or at the most, December of 2017.
  • Will have a stylus type customized Windows Pencil.
  • There will be three types of surface phones available. One targeting consumer, one targeting businesses and one targeting developers.
  • It will be completely based on windows 10 OS. We do hope to see something related to mixed reality experiences that have been associated with Microsoft.

surface phone

Are you excited for the windows phone? Share with us by commenting below.

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