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Super Mario Run comes to Android

Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Even if you have no interest in computer games or have never played any, you must have heard or seen Super Mario somewhere. Super Mario is one of the most popular video game characters of all times. The super Mario games have been around since 1985 and since then sold more than 310 million copies by 2015. It is one of top selling video games of all times. Super Mario Run is the newest running game in the Super Mario Franchise.

History of Super Mario games

super mario run

Super Mario is the titular character in the world of Mario and the protagonist is all the super Mario games. The Super Mario game first appeared in 1985 by the Nintendo Inc. the video gaming giant. Super Mario has a huge hand in making Nintendo Studios such a big name and huge success.

Super Mario games have simple story lines and usually have single point agenda and the whole game revolves around it. Usually the agenda is to free Princess Peach from the antagonist that have taken her in. It features Mario and his brother Luigui. There are other characters too like Yoshi, Toad, Princes Peach and many others. There are many levels to each game and the levels are spread across different worlds.

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the latest game of Mario series by Nintendo Inc. It is an auto running game somewhat around the pattern of games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer. The goal is simple, Mario keeps on running and you help it avoid bumping into unwanted objects and collect coins and finish the levels. You tap the screen to make Mario jump and the longer you tap the higher Mario runs. To control the height of jumps you need to practice a little and it might take some time for you to adjust to it.

Super Mario Run Platform

Super Mario Run was released in December 2016 for iOS. Since then is has become one of the top free iOS games. According to reports, it has been downloaded more than seventy eight thousand times on iOS devices. The Android users have been craving for its release for the Google playstore and finally today it is released for Android too. So if you are an Android user, do not wait, just download the game and have a go at it. The update of the game has been released for iOS also.

Super Mario Run Price

The game is free to download. There is only one in app purchase and that to buy more worlds after you have played through world one to four. The cost is $ 9.99. After the immense success of the game on Apple Store it was being speculated that Nintendo might make the game available after some charge on Android platform and of course people would have gladly paid the money for the much hyped about game, but still the game is free to download for Android.

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