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Top 20 Strange Websites That Will Blow You Away

Feb 17, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We all are a little creepy and weird inside and have a thing for strange things. Somehow, out of place and weird things have their own way of attracting you. After all, normalcy can get boring sometimes. I mean, we are all for pretty Instagram pictures, but sometimes you need to try something new to satisfy the curious beast inside you. That’s where strange websites come in! Strange websites do not have the same run of the mill content. They are surprising and oddly exciting, So, if you have a thing for strange things, you are going to thoroughly enjoy our list of strange websites!

Strange Websites

Snap Bubbles

You knw what we love more than new stuff? The bubble wrap that it comes in! Popping bubble wrap is oddly satisfying. Unfortunately, it is not something you always have at your disposaal! That’s why Snap Bubbles let you pop virtual bubble wraps all you want! This is one of those strange websites that help you destress! So, next time when your fingers are itching to pop some bubble wraps, just log on and snap away! strange fun websites

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Sometimes all we want to do is scream but can’t. That’s where this website comes in. There a button which says ‘noooooo’ on your behalf. For a quick, on the go scream, you can even download the app. That’s really thoughtful of the creators. strange websites

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Ship Your Enemies Glitter

If you have a beef with someone, there is a peaceful way to annoy them like hell. Doesn’t it irk you when glitter gets sprinkled every year? This genius of a website will send your enemies an envelope full of glitter! All you have to do is write a note and give them the address of your enemy and they will get the job done! Apart from the plain old glitter, they also have other elaborate ways of pranking people such as glitter bombs, prank candle, and snow surprise! And the best part? Your enemy wouldn’t even know it was you! This is one of our favorite strange websites for sure!strange websites

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Zoomquilt is the place to be at if infinitely zooming pictures are your thing. It just keeps zooming in and in and its actually relaxing! You feel as if you are in the moment or an expedition to explore things. It kind of brings childhood memories back with its grand graphics. You can zoom in with the up key and you can zoom out using the down key. However, do not hold down the up key for too long or you will get dizzy. With no apparent purpose what so ever, this sure is one hell of a strange website! And did you know it even has an app now? strange websites

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The internet, and the whole world in general love cats. A cat can just be sitting quietly and minding its own business but cat lovers will not be able to go ‘aww’. Our love for cats is what this website has capitalized on! It is a fun and interactive website which makes cats bonce on your computer! I mean, we are always up for bouncing virtual kitties, right?

weird websites

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Rainy Mood

Some of us are always in the mood for rain, but it is not always raining! So, if you like the sound of rain, this is the website for you. It is a simulator which gives you the sound of rain. Perfect for relaxing, working, and studying. strange websites

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Flight Radar

Interested in knowing the location of every single airplane in the world right now? Flightradar24.com will tell you! The website claims to be the most popular flight tracker in the world. You can also watch planes moving around the globe in real time on a map. The website also gives you up to date airport information and flight status. The Wall Street Journal also called the website ‘the Facebook of aviation’. Even bigwigs like Boeing, Airbusm abd Lufthansa trust this website.

strange websites on the net

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The Scale Of The Universe 2

This website lets you illustrate the scale of different thing in this universe. So, if you want to compare the size of two thigs, this interactive website will illustrate it for you. It can be a fun way to teach kids about the magnitude of different things too. weird websites

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Patience Is A Virtue

This sure deserves a place in the list of strange websites! It keeps on loading forever to test your patience. You have to deal with it. So, if you have plenty of time and have nothig left to do in the world, we still do not advise you visit this website as it might drive you crazy! It serves absolutely no purpose apart from making your blood boil. most useless website of the world

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Ever wondered what would happen if the internet had an end? Well, find out by visiting this website! It is the last page on the internet.

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Staggering Beauty

This website surely does not live up to its name! It lets you wiggle and shake a worm! Wiggle hard and the black worm will come to life. WHAT?! Surely one of the most useless wesbites on the strange websites list!useless website

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The Quiet Place

The quiet place is such a fluke! Basically, it wants you to be quiet for a while. To make you do that, it serves you a big, boring lecture in little bits. Just keep pressing the space bar for little peices of wisdom.

weird websites

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Clever Bot

This is actually a dumb bot! If you are bored, log on to this website and talk to the bot. It is a fun way to pass time and it is easy to get carried away! It is the most fun site on the list of strange websites! weird websites

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Do you live for conspiracy theories? This website has all kind of conspiracy theories from military weapons to the evil plans of the governments! Just make sure you never take any of it seriously! weird websites

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While we are on the topic of conspiracy theories, here is another website you may want to check! Even though strange websites on conspiracy theories may seem crazy, this one has an overwhelming amount of information. However, most of the content is totally baseless and hypothetical. So, as long as you are not going to qoute stuff from this website, it’s all good!

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Alien Abductions

According to this website, aliens are responsible for kidnapping thouands of people, it’s just that no one is telling you! If you are wondering who aliens choose and who could be a target, this wesbsite has got some theories. Once you join this website, you be a UfOlogist officially! We are not sure what that means and how it will help you in life. However, don’t get your hopes too high as this wesbite is for sale. Maybe an alien is behind it? Creepy.  strange wesbites

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fUSION Anomoly

Looks like a badly designed notebook of a third grader. The graphics can give you a headache. We are not sure about the target audience of this wesbite. Visit at your own risk. strange websites

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On Zombo, a guy welcomes you to the website countless times and keeps telling you that you will have a great day and that you will reach all your goals because you are awesome. So, if you are down and in need of some (non)serious motivation, check this website out! If you have a thing for African accent, it gets even better.

weird websites

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Map Crunch

This website lets you explore the world through Google Street View. Th map takes you to a random place every day. You can treat yourself to the images taken by Google in over 50 countries.

strange websites

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Falling Falling

That’s right! That’s exactly what’s happening on this strange website. Different colored papers (or is it something else?) keep falling with a very nauseating soundtrack playing in the background. weird websites

Some of these strange websites are downright dumb and useless, while others are actually fun. Visit these strange websites for a good laugh!

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Know any strange websites worthy of gracing this list? Let us know!

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