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Solution To Cheap Hosting Service And Renewals

Dec 25, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to starting up a blog or online service the most important thing is deciding your hosting service provider. There are plenty of hosting service providers you can chose from. If you are new to blogging or online business my personal advice would be to start small, as you are not very much sure about the amount of traffic you would be receiving, therefore spending a lot of capital on hosting is not a wise decision. In our previous article Buy Cheapest Hosting I have already mentioned some cheap ways to start your website.

In this article we will discuses

  • How to get discounted/cheap hosting service
  • Cost effective ways to renew your hosting
  • Cost effective ways to renew your domain

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If you are just a new blogger just remember Blogging is not that easy. Remember “All glitter is not gold” this is a true quote and I would suggest you to read my previous article “Blogging! Is it that simple to make money?

How to get discounted/Cheap Hosting Service

If you are looking for a good hosting service provider and some thing cheap then for HostGator, you can find a 60% off coupon thrice a month. We will update this article and give you coupons.

1. HostGator – Little Expensive but fast and Good Hosting service provider

The Next Rex personally recommends HostGator, we have used HostGator Baby plan with many of our clients. Site loads extremely fast average load time for a WordPress site is 1.5 to 2.5 seconds. It might be bit expensive then others but it is pretty good.

Other options are

2. Inmotion hosting – Pretty Cheap and a good Hosting Service Provider

Inmotion hosting  is a good hosting if you are on a tight budget, their hosting normally starts from $5/month, but if you can google it you will be able to find great coupons, try them and avail exciting discounts up to 80% off.

3. iPage hosing – Extremely cheap and awesome Hosting Service Provider

iPage is like extremely cheap and highly recommended for newbies. We started our first Blog The Next Rex and it was hosted on iPage, even our other projects such as Online Study Material, Fashion Ki Batain. For Newbies i would suggest is to go for their coupon $12/year which includes free domain. Keep in mind if its that cheap doesnt mean it is bad, as I mentioned earlier we have personally used iPage and are still using it. For Newbies with low budget this is the best shot they have to get themselves a good domain and hosting. Plus their customer service and technical assistance is awesome. They literally help you in establishing your blog. All you have to do is just ask them for help, with small small questions, and they will help you out, of-course you need to have a good background knowledge. If you are stuck some where, you can ask them any time and they will help you fix the issue. Since now we are using iPage WordPress Essential hosting plan, which includes managing your WordPress blog therefore, they help a lot when ever we need them. If you guys want to spend some extra help i would suggest you to go with iPage WordPress Optimized Hosting. It includes SSD and much more, means a lot of good things plus incredible fast speed. Also you will get free Sitelock for one of your websites. With Sitelock you got lot of good features, such as their CDN, their virus and malware scans.

4. Godaddy hosting – Extremely Cheap for First Time Hosting Service Specially Windows Hosting Service

Godaddy is good hosting, in fact their windows hosting plans are the cheapest and plans and one of the best plans in market for newbies. Before this website I made an online clothing store and it was using Godaddy Windows hosting. Godaddy is one of the cheapest platform the buy a domain. Bloggers prefer to buy their first domain from there. If you are lucky you can get a coupon and buy a domain as cheap as $1. I bought many domains from Godaddy in the price range from $1 – $4.

5. SiteGround – Pretty Expensive but a good investment fastest Hosting Service Provider

If you are looking for some thing with more speed and you can increase your budget then i would personally recommend you to go for Siteground. We have not personally tested Siteground, but reviews and feedback from our fellow bloggers are great for siteground hosting service, their servers are exteremly fast and their customer support is friendly.

6. NameCheap – A hosting Service Provider which is cheap both first time and renewal

As the name suggests NameCheap hosting is extremely cheap and affordable and the advantage of namecheap hosting is that their renewal is also cheap, so if you want to got for some thing cheap and do not wish to transfer your website each year to some new hosting service provider to avail their new customer discount and avoid high renewal fees then I would suggest you to go for name cheap hosting service.

Cost effective ways to renew your hosting service

The only cost effective way to renew you hosting is to buy a new hosting every time and avail the first time signing discount. Either you can buy a new account from the same hosting provider you are using and transfer your website to the new account, or you can shift to a new hosting and they might help you with the transfer of website. If your business is new and you might want to use this option to avoid the high renewal fees. But this option is very time consuming, therefore if your are getting good earning from your site I would personally recommend to renew your previous hosting service provider if you are happy with their speed and service.

Cost effective ways to renew your domain

Their might be lot of alternatives but the best I came up with is to transfer your domain registrant to Name Cheap their normal rates as well as renewal rates for domain are extremely low and affordable. Generally others renew your domain for $20-$40 for a .com .net and .org, but for Name cheap they have a constant price of $11 approx and for few extensions price might be as cheap as $3/year.

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Do let us know which hosting service provider you are using or are planning to opt and do share your experience with others. Our Comment box is always open for discussion. Your opinion is always welcome. Feel free if you need any help in your new blog. 🙂

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