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Soli UI Project by Google ATAP

Dec 20, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


What is Project Soli ?


Project Soli is an initiative by Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) division. Google’s ATAP division is working, on developing cutting edge technologies. Project Soli is one of such, many projects currently underway. It seems like a technology, that is usually displayed in sci- fiction films. This brilliant idea, was unveiled at annual Google I/O Conference held in June, 2015, along with other on going projects’ prototypes. Although this technology is already in work at a few places, But after it’s full utilization by Google,  Touchscreen user interface, might become part of history. As this technology will enable people, to control most of their electronic gadgets remotely, without having the hassle of touching the display.


The mechanism that this amazing tech uses, are Radar waves to detect motion of human hand, that will be translated into the, relevant commands for the gesture made. Currently the idea is to miniaturize the hardware required so that this technology can be used almost everywhere. Sounds pretty exciting. This will enable better interaction even with small screens, usually present on wearable digital devices. Further research is being don, to have minimize the costs, incurred in production. Although companies,like Leap Motion & Kinect pioneered this field. Google is going this tech to a whole new level, by increasing the sensor capabilities, and rooting out the extras. Hence this interface can be integrated with most of the digital devices. 

Applications for Soli


Once project,Soli is fully developed,it’s applications will be endless, many new paths would open up. The on going research on virtual reality and developing of 3-D  devices. One can imagine the endless wonders that would be actualized, by combination of trio  technologies . Entertainment  along with electronics industry, will make the most of this amazing tech. This innovation will also pave way for advances in medical research, defense and education sector. With this said however Google has yet to announce, the platform for launch of this tech. Whether it’s gonna be marketed by Google itself or a collaboration might be done with other companies. This is going to be eagerly anticipated. 

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