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Snapdragon 845 Benchmark Results Are Pretty Impressive

Feb 13, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Qualcomm has released its upcoming Snapdragon 845 high-end processor for initial independent testing. The CPU, which will power many of the top-of-the-line 2018 models, shows what is expected of it: higher performance with lower energy requirements. Here is an overview of the benchmark results.

Snapdragon 845 Benchmark Results

Many top models in the smartphone sector will share one thing this year: the Snapdragon 845 – the latest member of the Qualcomm system-on-a-chip (SoC) family – will deliver performance on the inside. With Qualcomm officially launching the processor late last year and providing rough performance, the first independent tests are now underway to put the processor through its paces with benchmarks and show what has happened to its predecessor, the Snapdragon 835.

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As Golem says in its report, at an event in San Diego, Qualcomm has now provided selected devices to selected media representatives for the first time – these are not finished models from other manufacturers, but reference designs, ie prototypes made by Qualcomm for the tests used by the new processor. For the tests, Qualcomm had preinstalled relevant benchmarks such as 3DMark, Antutu, Geekbench, and GFXBench – a modification here ensures that the results cannot be uploaded to public databases. In addition, the manufacturer allowed the testers under supervision to install and run additional benchmarks.

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As Golem points out, compared to the Snapdragon 845 and 835, the benchmarks used on average show an increase in performance of around 25 percent. With 40 percent at GFXBench, the processor was able to achieve a particularly high value in a duel with the predecessor; Golem recorded a 30 percent increase in the multi-threading score of Geekbench 4. Qualcomm itself said it would run 30 percent faster for the Adreno 630 GPU, with the graphics unit now showing up to 40 percent faster in testing. The performance increase from Snapdragon 821 to Snapdragon 835 much higher.

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However, various measures on the Snapdragon 845 significantly reduce energy requirements. The GFXBench test (Manhattan 3.0, on-screen) and 4K video at 60 frames per second show that the reference model with the new processor consumes 30 percent less power than the Snapdragon 835 drive model.

Snapdragon 845 in performance comparison
Snapdragon 845 Snapdragon 835 Apple A11 Bionic
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Unlimited (Overall) 4339 points (+ 17%) 3701 points (basis) 3950 points
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Unlimited (CPU) 3325 points (+ 19%) 2786 points (basis) 1878 points
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Unlimited (GPU) 4753 points (+ 16%) 4085 points (basis) 5989 points
Geekbench 4 (single-threaded) 2449 points (+ 20%) 2049 points (basis) 4240 points
Geekbench 4 (multithreaded) 8415 points (+30%) 6473 points (basis) 10452 points
GFXBench (Car Chase, Off-Screen 1080p) 35 fps (+ 35%) 26 fps (base) nv
GFXBench (Manhattan 3.1, Off-Screen 1080p) 61 fps (+ 40%) 43 fps (base) 45 fps
GFXBench (T-Rex 2.0, Off-Screen 1080p) 148 fps (+24%) 119 fps (base) 146 fps


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