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Snap Chat to release Game Of Thrones SnapChat Lens

Jul 11, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lo and behold, as the world wait with fanatical enthusiasm and anticipation for the world premiere of the Game of thrones season 7, SnapChat has gone one step ahead and announced early celebration. The Game of Thrones SnapChat Lens will be unlocked before the second last season of the most popular TV show of the current times comes back to the HBO network this coming Sunday.

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Game Of Thrones SnapChat Lens

Game Of Thrones SnapChat Lens

SnapChat is the app that has been highly popular among the younger lot. The teens and tweens love to keep in touch with their friends through Snaps taken all through the day. So SnapChat keeps your friends in the loop about the daily happenings in your life.

The SnapChat makers are known to release popular lens that are sometimes related to the stuff that is very popular with the young people. Game of Thrones is a phenomenal series that is highly popular among the young and old alike. And just before the coming out of the next season everything related to the series will get attention of millions of people from around the globe.

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So it is an extremely wise and timely decision by SnapChat owners to make use of the event. Now as we ardently wait for next Sunday, we can have some GOT style fun with the Game of thrones SnapChat Lens.

The release of every new season of GOT is also the time when pirate sites on the internet roll in money. It is most pirated television series in the history and thus a good way for the internet pirates to make easy money.

The series is an HBO original and can be watched with the subscription.

Let us know why you are the biggest Game of thrones fan and do you plan to use the Game of thrones SnapChat Lens? Looking forward to your feedback.


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