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This Is How Smartphone Cooling Systems Work

Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with new models every year with more powerful components, and they also need good cooling systems for these phones. In recent years, a lot of brands have made their own cooling methods.However, the cooling systems are only used in flagship models, because they increase costs. Why don’t all smartphones have cooling systems? Let’s find out!

Smartphone Cooling Systems

Cooling solutions needed by flagship models are sometimes not required in mid- and low-end phones. This is because the smartphones belonging to these categories are made not to overheat compared to the desired use. In this regard, Samsung is among the first companies to go into the heat pipe cooling system.

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Right now, the heat pipe cooling system is the most preferred systems among the cooling systems, and the news from Samsung is that it will release its cooling method in the future. However, according to supply chain sources, Samsung will continue using the same cooling system in the future flagship models.

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Manufacturers in the sector of smartphones are also working on new cooling solutions. A method known as steam chambers has much more effective heat dissipation and makes cooling better. But, bear in mind that it will come at a considerably higher price than current cooling solutions when serial production is in progress.

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Another disadvantage of steam rooms is that phones size will have to increase. Nowadays, when smartphones are getting thinner, manufacturers might not want to thicken their phones again. Some anonymous sources say that the steam rooms will be available from the 2019 flagship. Let’s see how it goes!

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