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Shareholders Aren’t Too Happy With Google CEO 200 Million Dollars Salary

Jun 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It has been reported that Google parent company Alphabet this week held its annual meeting. At the annual meeting, shareholders asked management some questions. One concern raised wast that last year Google CEO Sundar Pichai received 200 million US dollars salary, which is not acceptable to Alphabet shareholders.

Google CEO Salary

The main areas where these shareholders were dissatisfied with Alphabet’s management included the high salaries paid to some people in the company, and Google’s “internal compensation plan” further pushed up the number of executives to pay. At the beginning of this year, the US Department of Labor had criticized the issue of pay inequality between men and women in Google, and shareholders have raised their own dissatisfaction with this aspect. However, Google has strongly denied these allegations. They also rejected the disclosure of relevant information proposals. They believe that such a request has gone beyond the scope of the law to disclose information. Alphabet was criticized by shareholders and management experts since the IPO. The corporate powers are in the hands of founders. These criticisms have been exacerbated after the issuance of new shares without voting rights in 2015. In April of this year, Alphabet regulatory documents showed that last year Pichai got $ 199.7 million in salary, which is his three consecutive years to get 9-digit wages. Even though money is very easy to make in science and technology sector, this situation is rare. In addition, the documents submitted by Alphabet (Google parent company) in 2016 show that Google CEO Sundar Pichai in 2015 received 1005 million US dollars in compensation. However, the achievements of Sundar Pichai are obvious to everyone. He has helped Google in the areas of artificial intelligence and cloud computing which are two key areas of growth. Last year, Google saw 17.8% growth in the advertising business. Cloud computing and hardware business also saw revenue growth.

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The issue of salary inequality between men and women is prevalent in most companies. Something surely needs to be done about it. As for Google CEO salary, some would say that Sundar Pichai has achieved a lot as a CEO and he deserves this salary.

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What are your thoughts on Google CEO salary? Are the concerns of shareholder valid? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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