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Search Engines available on the web

Mar 22, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to search engines we all know that Google is the boss. It leads the search engine industry and has no competitors by far. It has such a huge impact that many of you must have thought after reading the title of the article that what is the use of other search engines when we have Google with us. Why would anyone use any other search engine? Well there are a number of search engines available other than Google and many people use them too. In this article let us discuss different search engines including Google and try to find out what are the pros and cons of using search engines other than Google.

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Different Search Engines available


Search engines

Google is the search engine giant that has more than 70 percent of market’s search engine share. It is the best search engine by far, and that is widely agreed up on. You can search for any topic under the sun and Google will surely not disappoint you. You can choose whether you want the result from any type of webpages or news or images or videos. You can also search by images instead of text. The Google search algorithm is very quick and gives very relevant results. It has become an indispensable part of our lives. It has approximately 1.6 billion unique visitors every month. It is no surprise that Google is no 1 on the Alexa ranking.


Search engines

Bing is the second most popular search engine. It has almost twenty percent of search engine market share. So why do people use Bing when they have Google. Arguably Bing’s video search gives better results as compared to Google. Also Bing is owned by Microsoft, who also own Hotmail. When you log out of Hotmail or are on Login page Bing is often advertised. So people use it from those pages. It has 400 million unique visitors every month.


Ask Jeeves or simply ask.com is a search engine that has search results in the form of question and answers. It would give better results if you formulate your search as a question. Most of the questions are answered by the users or they may be answered by polls. Ask.com will not give results as good as Google and Bing but it is a great site to and has users in millions. Sometimes users will visit ask.com just to have a change from Google or Bing. It has around 245 million unique users every month.


Search engines

Once Yahoo was a leader in search engine field until it was overthrown by Google. Still today it is considered among the top search engine. Google search is much better than Yahoo but people still use it a lot. That is because Yahoo offers a number of other services too. Yahoo is a great place to get the latest news. Its homepage is the default homepage on browsers of many people because of the latest news it offers. Yahoo and Bing give each other tough competition. It has around 7 percent of market share in search engines.

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DuckDuckGo is a relatively new search engine. Although it came around 2008, it is still new as compared to other search engines. It is unique in a way that it allows you to search anonymously. It does not keep track of our search patterns and forgets our search history. It keeps away the search history even from us. Because of anonymous search it is becoming very popular with people and has been able to garner many followers in a short span of time. Duckduckgo gives search results from around 50 sources including Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing and others. It also has its own webcrawler called the DuckDcukBot. Earlier DuckDuckGo was strongly against ads also but now it has been advertising. Although it has the option to turn off the ads. In addition to the search results Duckduckgo also shows relevant short answers above the web results. These are called zeroclickresults because their purpose is to provide the complete answer to users search on the search page and the user need not to go anywhere else from there. They are also called instant answers. With its user friendly privacy policy it is expected to gain large amount of following given that it just improves its search to match that of Google.


Wow is a search engine that specializes in news related information. If you want to search about something related to popular news you can use wow. It is especially useful if you are interest in news related to showbiz and gossip columns. It caters to almost 100 million unique users every month. It is a great site for entertainment lovers and once you log on to it you can spend hours on it without realizing. It provides external links to other news sites also.


Search engines

Kiddle is a search engine for kids. It is powered by Google search. It prevents R rated materials and unsuitable pictures from popping up in the search result. It is a great tool for parents. They can let the kids search for text and images without worrying about what their kids might end up clicking. It usualy accompanies the search result with a related picture also so that the kids can understand easily which link they want to click on. Kiddle is a great way for kids to search for their favorite topics. It encourages curiosity and learning among children.

Here we have listed the top search engines that are used by users. Of course Google is the best but if you want a change then try some of the other ones too just to make a comparison.

Here is a graph by searchenginewatch that lets us know about search engines popularity

Search engines

Do you use any search engine other then Google. Share with us if you do.


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