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Seagate Has Made The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance Hard Drive

Oct 29, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sky Hawk Artificial Intelligence” (SkyHawk AI) is the world’s first artificial intelligence video surveillance hard drive by Seagate, with unprecedented bandwidth and processing power to support the management of all-weather, data-intensive workloads, and at the same time analyze and record images from multiple HD cameras.

Seagate Artificial Intelligence Hard Drive

With the use of network video recorders (NVR) to join the analysis of sensors, the global demand for video surveillance hardware has exponentially increased and projected to grow even further from 27.6 million in 2016 to 12 million in 2021, Seagate proposed. This growth can only be achieved if AI is particularly involved in deep learning and machine learning applications such as facial recognition, irregular behavior analysis, and so on.

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Seagate AI hard drive with high throughput and optimized cache, can provide low latency and excellent random read performance, to achieve rapid positioning and transmission of video images, and image analysis. This can help to promote decision-making, eliminate the cloud data exchange and processing delays.

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In addition, the hard drive is also equipped with Seagate ImagePerfect AI firmware. It can record loss of high-quality important video clips, while supporting intelligent NVR multi-channel video analysis, to ensure that video surveillance image information will not be lost.

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The Seagate AI monitoring hard drive still has 3.5-inch standard specifications, capacity of 8TB-10TB, cache of 256MB, interface of SATA 6Gbps, the maximum sustained data transfer rate of 214MB / s, supports 16 + disk, 16 AI flow (8 AI channel), 64 HD cameras, and the average time between failures of 2 hours.

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 Sai Varanasi, vice president product line management at Seagate Technology, said: “The use of AI technology in surveillance is steadily increasing – both in the edge and backend installations such as retail fronts and large city traffic management. Seagate has led the surveillance storage market since its early days, a decade ago, by delivering industry-leading HDD products that have enabled more than 5X increase in exabytes during this time period. We are excited to introduce smart, purpose-built SkyHawk AI solutions that expand the design space for our customers and partners, allowing them to implement next-generation deep learning and video analytics applications.”


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