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Say Hello To Clippy the Paperclip, On Facebook!

Apr 8, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

No seriously, What Is Facebook Turning into? From an innovative company, why is Facebook turning into the number one copy cat? As if the users were not already overwhelmed with numerous new features launched over the last few weeks, Facebook is back at it with Clippy the Paperclip on Messenger.

Clippy the Paperclip is back from the deadclippy the paperclip on facebook

Facebook’s first attempt to introduce and implement machine learning was a failure. The Messenger Bot suffered a 70 percent failure rate. It was then redesigned to provide useful services. Facebook introduced Siri-like AI assistant into Facebook Messenger, this week, hoping it would do better. The M assistant will be present in private conversations wand provide helpful suggestions, just like Clippy the Paperclip did in Microsoft Office. Suggestions include adding reminders, calendar entries, payment options when the algorithm thinks you are talking about money, opening a link to Uber when the algorithm thinks you are talking about going somewhere, and reminders when users are scheduling an event. The AI assistant will even have the ability to act as a mediator, opening a poll when it thinks user in group chats are arguing. Payments are of special interest in the e-commerce context, as once trusted, messaging platforms can be a source of many small transactions. So far this feature is only available for American users of Facebook Messenger. People have already had enough of machine learning in the shape of spelling tools and data detectors for many years. It remains to be seen if companies can offer more than that. In a survey earlier this week, teens ranked Facebook Messenger as uncool as the Wall Street Journal.

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Seems like Facebook is on a copying spree this year. People expect an AI that does more for them than the notorious Clippy the Paperclip.

What do you think of this new chat feature? Does it remind you of Clippy the Paperclip from Microsoft Office? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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