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Samsung Bixby Has The Same Problems As Non Native English Speakers

Jun 2, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It doesn’t seem like Samsung will make its deadline for launching Bixby voice assistant in America. Bixby will not be ready until late June. Bixby still can’t understand English properly.

Bixby Is Struggling

Samsung wanted to launch its voice assistant by early April but it will not be launched until late summer. It was supposed to be one of the main features of Galaxy S8 which was released in America last month. Although it will be fun to interact with Bixby, do not expect it to be dramatically different than the other digital assistants around. Samsung had even dedicated a button on Galaxy S8 for Bixby. Right now, if you push that button, an app is launched which just collects information for you. Bixby does not have any voice functionality right now. The English language version of  Bixby is nowhere near completion. It will still take weeks to finish. It cannot understand English grammar and syntax. Korean was a lot easier to learn for it. Bixby was launched with Galaxy S8 in South Korea. It was not just another feature in S8. The phone was built around it. Galaxy S8’s functionality has also been affected because of the Bixby launch button. Users have been blocked from remapping the button and converting it into a convenience key. It has also impaired Google Assistant’s functionality so you can’t use it when the screen is off. Hopefully, Samsung will improve in this category in the future. Samsung had earlier taken over a voice assistant company known as Viv. It is working very hard to build a voice assistant for Samsung phones. It is interesting to note that this new voice assistant isn’t a product of Viv. It uses Samsung’s S-Voice technology. The S-Voice technology is present in Galaxy S7.

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Let’s see when Samsung’s voice assistant will see the light of the day in America.

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