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Samsung W2018 Is Exclusive and Expensive!

Dec 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Korean electronics giant Samsung has recently introduced a new, highly luxurious folding smartphone with absolute high-end features for China with the Samsung Xinxitianxia W2018. At the launch, however, they did not reveal exact details and price. Now, we have some information.

Samsung W2018w2018

The Samsung W2018 is a remake of a series of flip phones that have been around for several years and are equipped with the latest high-end features of smartphones. Samsung is targetting wealthy Chinese, who, with the possibility of using a numeric keypad for entering letters, can provide a tool for the easy handling of the still numerous characters of the Chinese language.

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Technically, the Samsung SM-W2018 is again at the top of what is currently possible in smartphones, it has not only two Full HD displays but also the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core SoC under the hood, that is currently being installed in many normal top smartphones. In addition, there is a camera that should probably be used in a similar form in the Galaxy S9, because it offers the currently largest aperture in a smartphone with F / 1.5.

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The phone is anything but cheap. China Telecom, the exclusive distributor for the Samsung Xinxitianxia W2018 indicates the retail price of at least 21,999 yuan, which equates to stately 2820 euros or 3360 US dollars. At this price, the customer receives the base model with insane six gigabytes of RAM and 64 GB of internal flash memory. Who wants the top model with also six GB of RAM but entire 256 GB of internal Flash memory on UFS 2.1 basis, must invest 24,999 yuan – that is a good 3200 euros or 3810 US dollars.

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In view of such prices, the Samsung W2018 is naturally reserved for a small elite and is an absolute niche product. In addition to the high-end processor, the memory configuration is “Top of the Line” and corresponds to what Samsung currently offers in the Galaxy Note8.The displays of the W2018 are sufficiently large with 4.2 diagonal, whereby one sits on the back of the hinged lid and ensures that the device can be operated in the folded state like a normal Smartphone exclusively by touchscreen. The panels are in both cases SuperAMOLED displays with Full HD resolution so 1920×1080 pixels.

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As well as the current Samsung top models, the W2018 offers the possibility to register the user via an iris scanner and also brings along a fingerprint reader on the back and the voice assistant Bixby including a dedicated hardware button. A heart rate monitor is also part of the equipment in a combination of metal and glass housed flagship folding Smartphones. The cameras are one of the highlights, because the W2018 has a rear 12-megapixel sensor with F / 1.5 aperture and optical image stabilizer, while the front of a 5-megapixel sensor with F / 2.4 aperture does its job.

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The power supply of the entire package is via a USB 3.1-capable USB-C port, the battery is probably the only real flaw of this product: it is not very large with 2300mAh due to design.With 249 grams and a folded height of almost 16 millimeters, the Samsung Xinxitianxia W2018 is neither light nor thin. China Telecom is now selling it with a case in gold or silver, so this device will probably never land in Europe. 


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