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Samsung Raided By South Korean Prosecutors

Apr 6, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Samsung is in trouble again. The South Korean authorities once again went on a search this morning, this time for a Samsung Electronics office. The most recent case concerns the suppression of union organizations within the group.


In the past, Samsung has repeatedly relied on its close ties with the state and has already come out free on several problematic situations. But that seems to be slowly changing under the new government of President Moon Jae-in, who started just over a year ago. Samsung is already under extensive corruption investigations. 

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When the authorities seized and analyzed business records as part of their investigation, they also found other problems. When reviewing thousands of documents based on the suspicions it also emerged that the group also tries to prevent its employees from forming unions and stand up for their rights.

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To ensure more evidence for this, the police carried out another house search. This happened today in a branch office where defective products are repaired by Samsung Electronics. The company confirmed that the authorities were on the ground, but did not want to give any further details about the circumstances. But it would not be surprising if the investigators were successful. Because Samsung is generally not considered a fair partner of its employees. Already in 2013, there were investigations into illegal repression against workers who were unionized. The process was discontinued because the authorities were unable to verify the origin of an important document.

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Likewise, former workers or their survivors have been fighting for compensation for serious illnesses for many years, which are attributed to the handling of toxic substances in chip production. The company has previously refused to support those affected and stated that there was no clear evidence that the illness was caused by the work.


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