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Samsung To make Qualcomm SnapDragon Processor phone 845 m

Jul 14, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The South Korean tech giant Samsung is known to make great mobile phones that are not only amazing in design and features but also have the processing speed and agility that is matched usually only with Apple phones. To keep this legacy intact Samsung has a deal with Qualcomm, the manufacturers of SnapDragon that is the main chip used in most of the mobile phone sets.

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Recently a photo evidence emerged according to which it is quite possible that the Samsung Inc, is working on a chipset that is going to make the SnapDragon 845 work with its mobile phone. The phone sets using the SnapDragon 845 will be fast and have seamless processing speed. Currently the Samsung S8 and S8 plus are using SnapDragon 835.

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In the new phone it was expected to update the chipset. It seems that Samsung will be the first company to produce mobile phones with SnapDragon 845. More and more organizations are ordering the latest SnapDragon. Most of the mobile phones all over the world are using the Qualcomm made chips. In order to do that they have to pay a large amount of fees. Most mobile phone manufacturers want to have the latest SnapDragon in their mobile phones however it costs a lot of money.

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Qualcomm has been a world leader in making mobile phone chips. This means that most of the mobiles run on this set.

Does your mobile phone has a Snapdragon chipset and which SnapDragon is it? Let us know by commenting below.

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